Top 20+ Twitch Streaming Tips for Streamers to Acquire and Retain Viewers

Twitch is the leading platform when it comes to streaming game content and everything in-between. With its popularity among gamers, there is no question of how massive the platform and the number of subscribers are. Many Twitch users used to think that with the huge number of people on the platform, it is easy to get a solid following on Twitch, but is it really?

There are too many questions when you start your Twitch account and begin streaming your games.

How long will I start getting subscribers?

How do I get more views on my streams?

How can I provide quality content to my viewers?

The questions will go on and on and on for you. They are limitless! You can only provide an answer to your questions once you begin the process of streaming. Start streaming first, and answers (along with more questions) will arise.

Right now, the most important thing to consider is for you to acquire and retain viewers on your Twitch account. Most streamers can go on for years without any views at all, and we understand how frustrating it can be. We consolidated these twitch streaming tips that can help both new and veteran streamers to get more and keep subscribers to their channels.

Will you be able to do these Twitch streaming tips? For sure, you can! AND YOU WILL.

  1. Network, network, network!

One of the proven Twitch streaming tips that will help you acquire views is networking. Call your family and friends (even if they are not into gaming) to view your Twitch videos. Getting enough views may get you to be on Affiliate Status, which will help bolster your ranking on the platform.

  1. Create a unique brand

Creating your own unique brand isn’t as hard as it seems. You just need to be creative and explore different means on how to make your content distinctive from others. Veteran streamers have their personalized look, actions, and behaviors when they stream. The differences in these manners will give you more views because people are always looking for unique and exciting branding.

  1. Promote using other social media platforms

There are too many social media platforms that can help promote your content. Make use of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, among many others. Many successful streamers make use of these platforms to promote their activities as well as connect with their fans on a more personal level.

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  1. Play with your followers

Connection is always a key to acquiring and retaining followers and viewers, and the best way to connect is to play with them. Playing with your followers allows you to establish a solid fan base while having fun. Playing is also a way for you to understand your subscribers better, what they want, and what their interests are. This understanding will help you come up with better and engaging content.

  1. Offer giveaways

One reason why people subscribe and follow are giveaways. For new streamers, offering giveaways might be the most useful Twitch streaming tip since it allows you to bring more people to subscribe. When offering giveaways, though, you need to be vigilant as some will just take advantage of what you’re offering.

  1. Interesting commentary

10 seconds is crucial. The first 10 seconds of every stream is crucial because it sets the mood on whether your viewer will stay or not. As a streamer, remember that you are there to entertain. Streaming without any commentary is boring. The best way to attract your viewers and keep them glued is to comment on your gameplay while you are playing, and explain things like your strategies and positioning you are doing in the game. Not only will you entertain, but you will also provide useful information that your followers can apply on their own.

  1. Stick to a schedule

Looking for a schedule can be hard, especially when you have tons of other works to do. However, sticking to a specific schedule will get you more views in the long run. Why? Because people will know when you stream new content, and they will be there to wait for it. When you stream, pick a specific day and time. Do not confuse your subscribers nor surprise them with a sudden streaming schedule. It just won’t work.

  1. Podcast

Podcasting is growing! You can take advantage of how this works by using it to promote your streams. There aren’t too many podcasts dedicated to specific games right now, so grab your chance and be a pioneer. You can direct and entice your listeners to watch you streaming a game they love about.

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  1. Communication and engagement

One of the best Twitch streaming tips is communication. Open communication lines between you and your viewers make participation easier. Whenever you stream, it is best to keep your camera and microphone on. Call out usernames to acknowledge your viewers’ presence. This simple act will help create trust between you and them, which will provide a solid foundation for your viewership rating.

  1. Make use of Stream extensions

Having stream extensions such as StreamLabs make your channel more entertaining. There are different tools that you can make use of, such as the follower and subscriber alert, donation pop-up, and donation bar. All of these tools help keep track of new updates as well as acknowledging your subscribers.

  1. Study other streamers

For amateur streamers, it is best to observe other streamers first (especially those who have long experience and many subscribers). You can get ideas from how they conduct their streams, but make sure to add a personal touch to these ideas. Watching other streamers can also get you more subscribers if they will follow you back.

  1. Have an appealing Twitch layout

Visually alluring layouts are a no-brainer when it comes to acquiring and retaining viewers. Investing in a quality layout not only looks good on the screen but can also establish your professionalism and commitment to providing quality streams to your viewers.

  1. Collaborate with other people

Twitch streaming tips are not complete without any tips on collaborative works. Collaboration with other streamers in creating great content for your subscribers can lessen your workload as well as promote your stuff for free on your co-collaborators channel.

  1. Reach out to bloggers and other news sites

Connecting with bloggers and reputable news sites can help you a big deal when it comes to exposure. This exposure is essential to get yourself more views and promote your channel. There are many bloggers and news sites out there that are willing to help newbies as long as you provide quality content that is worthy of their time.

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  1. Make your username as your Twitch name

When on other platforms, you can promote your Twitch account by using the same username you have on Twitch. It is also best to put the word Twitch on your usernames to tell people upfront that you are on Twitch.

  1. Play in Tournaments

Tournaments play a crucial role in getting your name out. You can show off your skill or how entertaining you are in games. Tournaments also offer prizes that you have a chance to win on top of getting more viewers on your channel.

  1. Choose the RIGHT game

Not all games are stream worthy, and those that are stream-worthy mostly have a lot of streamers already. What you have to do is to look for games that are both entertaining and fun to play, and at the same time have a high streaming potential.

  1. Always use catchy titles

Using a title that can catch people’s attention is one of the most important Twitch streaming tips. Catchy titles are the first line of offense that will attract possible viewers to click on your content and watch what you stream.

  1. Content ranking optimization

Getting your channel rank on Google will add a huge boost to your viewership rating. When you get yourself to appear on top ranking search engines, it will add more prowess to your visibility and reliability as a streamer.

  1. Make use of Twitch Strike

Twitch Strike is a site where they collect data about the number of people streaming, the ratio of viewers, and the trends of the week, among many others. Using data from Twitch Strike will give you a clear and comprehensive hint on what works well and what doesn’t when it comes to content strategies and styles.

  1. Promote with ads

Investing in ads can boost your channel and earn more viewers. It may be expensive for some, but the benefits of ad promotions on different social media platforms and other sites such as Reddit will benefit you in the long run, and every amount you spend is worth it.

At the end of the day, streaming requires perseverance, time, and effort. There has been no overnight success unless you are someone famous already and have built a strong fan base on other platforms that you wish to bring over to Twitch. But no matter how inexperienced you are when starting your streaming career, you can always become a Twitch superstar when you follow these Twitch streaming tips!