Top PC Racing Wheels With a Clutch and Shifter

Ready to to feel like you are driving your favorite million-dollar race cars (at an affordable price)? The newest technology for racing wheels and bundles offers a unique, realistic gaming experience for players. Racing wheels can make things more difficult (and fun) with features like force feedback and gear shifting, which are some real-life things you would encounter in a race car.

With so many different racing wheels, clutch, and shifters on the market it can be difficult to choose the best for your ideal gaming experience. We have compiled a list of the top 5 to help you narrow down your choices and make the next step to creating your very own racing pit.

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1. Subsonic SA5156 - Best Budget Buy

  • Compatible with PC, PS4, PS3, and Xbox One,
  • Most Affordable Option

The Subsonic Racing Wheel Bundle is under $100.00, perfect for those on a budget, which can be difficult to find when you’re looking to purchase a racing wheel set. It features a 270-degree steering radius and double vibration motors to provide you with the most realistic experience. You can easily adjust sensitivity and program each button to your personal preference.

The Subsonic connects directly to your controller and console for easy installation. It is ideal for beginners on a budget who don’t want to make the leap to a complete racing set, but still want to add some fun to their game. A major advantage: it’s compatible with every racing game on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

2. Thrustmaster TX Servo Base, Leather Steering Wheel, Gearbox Shifter, & Pedal Bundle - Highest Quality

  • Compatible with PC and Xbox One
  • Hand-stitched Leather Wheel
  • Separate Gearbox Allows for Better Customization
  • Very Precise Wheel

The Thrustmaster bundle is a realistic, high-end 3-pedal set designed to take your gaming experience to the next level. It’s incredibly responsive with minimal lag and completely adjustable pedals for comfortable driving. The leather steering wheel features force feedback, designed to make you feel every bump, turn, and brake for the most realistic experience. Wheel mounted paddle shifters make it so you can easily win races. The Thrustmaster TX offers Hall Effect Accurate Technology which gives you precision levels 256 times greater than other systems on the market.

The add-on gearbox shifter is adjustable so that you can either shift H pattern or sequential, depending on your personal preference. This kit is built to last and not lose any kind of structure overtime, so no need to worry about ever purchasing another. It’s a great investment for serious racing gamers.

Update: This product is no longer sold frequently as a bundle. The basic components can still be purchases separately on Amazon. You can find the wheel and pedal combo here

3. Logitech G29 Bundle - Best Overall

  • Compatible with PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and 4
  • Solid Steel Bearings and Pedals with a Leather Wheel Grip
  • Allows for 900 Degrees of Rotation

The Logitech G29 is a high-end affordable bundle that offers many great features. This bundle includes a wheel with realistic steering and responsive floor pedal unit. You can accelerate, brake, and change gears, just like an actual car. A six-speed “H” pattern shifter and gear box will add to the fun.

This bundle is made extremely high quality with solid steel bearings and pedals with a leather wheel grip. It offers secure mounting with built-in clamps so you can install on any racing rig or if you prefer hard mounting, there are bolt holes in the wheel for that too. The wheel rotation is 900 degrees lock-to-lock. The pedals on the Logitech bundle are 8 bit which will give you 256 unique positions.

4. Thrustmaster TMX Pro DIY Bundle

  • Compatible with PC and  Xbox One
  • Items must be purchased separately
  • More Customization than the Thrustmaster TX, but lower quality pedal construction

Although the Thrustmaster TMX wheel, pedals, and shifter do not come as an actual bundle, they are recommended to buy as a set for optimal gaming experience. The wheel features a 900-degree force feedback base. The force feedback will give you an amazing realistic experience- you will feel braking, bumps, and impacts. The wheel is designed in a competition style, 11”/ 28 cm in diameter, so it’s adaptable to all racing games. A metal ball bearing adds sturdiness and paddle shifters directly installed on the wheel makes driving quicker and simpler. Xbox One automatically recognizes the TMX wheel for an easy installation.

The pedals are wide with adjustable inclination, the brake pedal features progressive resistance. Although the wheel comes with paddle shifters, you may prefer a gearbox. Luckily, the Thrustmaster TH8A gearbox shifter is compatible with the TMX wheel. This gearbox is designed with the highest quality in mind- made with a 100% metal internal mechanism and gear stick. HallEffect AccuRate Technology offers amazing precision with contactless metal sensor and no tact switch or potentiometer, giving your shifter an unlimited lifespan. The TH8A can be used in either “H” pattern or sequential, whatever you prefer.

5. Fanatec Forza Motorsport Bundle - Most Realistic

  • Compatible with PC and Xbox One
  • Quality Aluminum & Leather Construction
  • Wheel is Easily Removed and Changed

The Fanatec Forza Bundle is easily the most realistic set on the market. V2.5 Germaneering will give you a reliable and amazing gaming experience. This set offers interchangeable steering wheels- you can change the wheel with the quick release system, even while playing. The racing wheel offers a 7-function “FunkySwitch” element to be used to navigate with small or large shifter paddles. The racing wheel rim is made with aluminum and covered in leather.

The pedal arms have a 12-bit hall sensor and 90 kg loadcell brake which makes it simple to adjust stiffness. Vibration motors on the gas and brake pedals will definitely give you the most realistic gaming experience. The Motorsport bundle includes a separate handbrake- easily slide through corners and perform perfect drifts.

The Full Metal Shifter allows you to play with both H-Pattern and sequential modes. The sequential mode is most realistic and you can switch without unplugging or rebooting the shifter.

This set offers DirectSensor technology. The sensor will make it easier for you to avoid interference from belt and gear drives. It also includes DUAL HALL technology which increases precision by adding a sensor on the motor and axis. The pedals can be adjusted in all directions and angles.