6 Quietest PC Power Supply Units

Power supply units (or PSUs) are important pieces of equipment for computer gaming. Unfortunately, these important components are often overlooked.

Your gaming computer needs that extra power so it doesn’t overload – and for silent operation, it doesn’t need just any power supply unit.

One of the biggest factors to look for in a power supply unit, besides the obvious factor of wattage, is the amount of noise it makes. Nobody wants to be distracted by the loud humming of their gaming rig while they’re trying to stay in the zone.

We found the 6 quietest PC power supply units on the market. We hope this list helps you find the right PSU for you.


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6 Quietest PC Power Supply Units 

1. BeQuiet! Straight Power Power Supply Unit


Watts: 750W

Modular: Fully modular

The BeQuiet Straight Power power supply unit has an 80+ Plus Platinum ratings. This means it saves power. The efficiency is up to 93.7%.

It uses Japanese 105-degree capacitors. They only use the best to make sure the unit lasts you a long, long time.

This is a fully modular power supply unit. There are zero cables you don’t need. This means less of a cable mess and easy cable management,and all those extra cables aren’t blocking the fan.

It’s wire-free both inside the unit and on the DC side. This makes sure there’s no overheating and the fan speed stays consistent. Plus, there’s less signal disturbance while gaming.

It uses a Silent Wings 3 135-millimeter fan. BeQuiet uses its unique blade design with an advanced fluid-dynamic bearing. The six-pole fan motor cuts down on all that excessive unit noise, making for a quiet PC.

This is one of the quietest power supply units you can find. Hence the brand name, “BeQuiet.”

This quiet fan is funnel-shaped. The funnel-shaped fan creates high airflow intake.

2. Corsair RMX Series RMX750x Power Supply Unit

Watts: 750W

Modular: Fully modular

The Corsair RMX Series RM750x power supply unit has an 80+ Plus Gold rating. It has a much lower power consumption than many other power supply units.

It also runs at much cooler temperatures so your gaming rig doesn’t overheat.

This Corsair power supply unit is 100% industrial grade. It’s going to last a very, very long time.

It has 105-degree C Japanese capacitors. This makes it super reliable with unwavering power.

It’s a fully modular power supply unit. You don’t have to worry about any unneeded cable management or any cable clutter.

This unit is a compact size so it won’t take a lot of room. It’s only 160-millimeters long.

It uses a zero RPM fan mode so it makes no noise, even when it’s working its hardest. The cooling fan switches off to cut down on the noise.

This quiet fan is made with the perfect curve which also helps keep the power supply unit working at a low volume. 

3. Seasonic S12III SSR-650GB3 Focus Power Supply Unit


Watts: 650W

Modular: Fully modular

The Seasonic S12III SSR-650GB3 Focus power supply unit has an 80+ Plus Gold rating. Less energy is wasted, so you’re staying eco-friendly.

It’s a fully modular power supply unit. You only have to worry about the cables you need. No more tangled cables. Even better, there’s better airflow without a mess blocking the fan.

It’s compact size. It’s only 140-millimeters deep and fits all ATX systems.

Seasonic uses a premium hybrid fan control. When you put it in fan-less mode, you won’t hear any fan noise from this unit.

There’s a fan button in the back of the power supply unit. You can customize and change your cooling needs as you see fit. 

4. Corsair TXM Series TX500M

Watts: 550W

Modular: Semi-modular

The Corsair TXM Series TX500M power supply unit has an 80+ Gold rating. This means it’s more efficient and uses less power than most other models.

It has a 50-degree C operating temperature. It pushes full power even at the highest temperatures. This is because it uses all Japanese capacitors.

It has a great cooling fan so you don’t have to worry about it overheating.

It’s a semi-modular power supply unit. This way, you only have to worry about the cables you need. There’s no tangling and no mess of cables everywhere. This also improves airflow from the back of the unit.

It uses a 120-millimeter rifle-bearing fan, allowing for near silent operation. This means it’s quieter than the average ball-bearing fan, and it’ll last longer.

5. EVGA 220-G5-0850-X1 Super Nova Power Supply Unit


Watts: 850W

Modular: Fully modular

The EVGA 220-G5-0850-X1 Super Nova power supply unit has an 80+ Plus Gold rating. This means it has a 91% efficiency or higher. It won’t waste any power and will even save you money on your electric bill.

It uses 100% Japanese capacitors for the best reliability.

It’s a fully modular power supply unit. This cuts down on cable messes and tangled cables. It also helps improve airflow because the cables aren’t blocking the fan.

EVGA uses a 135-millimeter fluid-dynamic bearing fan. It has an eco-mode. You won’t hear any noise coming from this unit as you game.

6. SilverStone Technology SST-NJ450-SXL Power Supply Unit  

Watts: 450W

Modular: Fully modular

TheSilverStone Technology SST-NJ450-SXL power supply unit has an 80+ Plus Platinum rating. It has high efficiency.

It has 24/7 continuous power output. It uses a 40-degree C operating temperature.

It has a solid extruding aluminum shell with integrated heatsink fins. It works better than your average vented fans. Plus, this design stops dust from building up on the power supply unit.

This unit is a small factor form unit. It’s made for small factor form gaming computers.

It uses a fan-less thermal solution – this means no fan, making for a cooling design and zero noise to distract you.

The Bottom Line 

Finding a quiet power supply unit doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of wonderful choices out there for every gamer.