Portable Gaming PC and Gaming On the Go – What Are Your Options?

When you think of a gaming PC, what comes to mind is a hulking behemoth of a computer, frantically rotating fans, enormous graphics cards, and vibrantly-colored rainbow LED lighting. But, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore with mini gaming PCs that have become increasingly popular. Despite their compact and portable nature, these handy devices come with the most superior desktop hardware, among other full-scale components you’ll ever come across.

But with the barrage of options available, selecting the best portable gaming PC can be an uphill battle. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a few of the top products in the market to narrow down your search.

1. CUK Intel Hades Canyon: Beauty and Performance Rolled Into One

cuk intel hades canyon image

If you’re on the quest for a machine that can do it all, then Cuk’s Hades Canyon is your best bet. With an i7-8809G Quad-core processor, a 2TB hard drive, AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH 4GB GDDR5 graphics card, and 32GB RAM, users get value for their money. And, with a frequency range of 3.10GHz to 4.20GHz, this machine can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

Being VR-ready, the Hades Canyon appeals to users that revel in an immersive gaming experience. Impressively, all this power is crammed into a compact-PC form factor that has a striking resemblance to a console. It’s sleek, lightweight (approximately 6 pounds), and small enough to bundle into a messenger bag before transporting it elsewhere. Moreover, the computer has enough ports for six independent 4K display options if you decide to host a LAN party.

When it comes to aesthetics, you’ll see a skull on the computer’s case that gives you free rein to alter its color via the in-built software.

2. ASUS Vivo Mini: The Go-to For Competency and Affordability

asus vivo mini image

A miniature gaming computer doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to deliver efficiency. The Vivo Mini is proof of that. With up to 16GB DDR4 Memory, integrated 4K display, Display port, an i7-7500U processor, HDMI video outputs, and a frequency of 3.5GHz, this PC can handle it all. Nonetheless, the Vivo Mini doesn’t come with an operating system and a hard drive. While this may not be ideal for some, it’s worth shelling out some extra bucks for a copy of Windows and a separate hard drive.

You may not realize this, but it’s cheaper, in the long run, to take this route if you prefer adjusting your computer rig to suit your preferences. While the PC lacks a dedicated graphics card, it relies on an integrated Intel chipset that has just the right amount oomph to play your favorite games on it. As a lightweight machine (2.3 pounds), you can easily transport it anywhere you go.

3. ZOTAC CI660: A Mini but Mighty Gaming PC

zotac ci660 image

Don’t let the compact nature of the CI660 fool you because it’s a force to be reckoned with. With an Intel quad-core i7-8550U processor that operates at a high frequency of up to 4.0GHz, this PC has the power of a system thrice its size. With an available Display port 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 output, the CI660 seamlessly provides a dual display. The integrated Intel UHD graphics usher in 4K display at a resolution of 60Hz coupled with HEVC Main10 profile with ten-bit colors.

When it comes to durability, the cooling hardware of the CI660 entails a fanless system with 90% of the surface area built for silent computing and optimum breathability. Weighing only 4.2 pounds, this machine is a solid block of casing that’ll blend in like a subwoofer, soon making you forget its presence. But, that’s until it’s powered up and seamlessly runs your gaming library. The cherry on top is that it has two HDMI outputs coupled with four USB 3.0 ports.

4. Intel NUC 8 Performance-G Kit: AN Excellent Choice for Seamless, Immersive Gaming

intel nuc 8 performance g kit image

If you’re looking for a product that offers great potential for future upgrades, then you’re in luck because Intel’s NUC 8 was built with you in mind. So, upon purchasing it, you get a Vega RX Radeon M GH graphics card, 4GB of High Bandwidth Memory, and the 8th Generation i7 8809G processor. It also allows users to increase the RAM size by up to 32GB. And, it has sufficient space for a couple of hard drives. So, it’s perfect for those that prefer a bigger but slower and fast but small SSD hard drive.

Weighing only 6 pounds, this is the ideal building block for gear-heads that want to tweak each facet of their PC. While doing so is potentially pricey, the flexibility that’s birthed is incredibly useful. With rear and front ports for enhanced connectivity and up to six displays, the NUC 8 is worth every coin.

5. Lenovo Y720 Cube: An Excellent Choice for Gaming Events and LAN Parties

lenovo y720 cube image

Are gaming events and LAN parties right up your alley? Then Lenovo’s Y720 Cube was built with you in mind. Furthermore, its small size and in-built side handle make it more practical for players on the move. With 8GB DDR4 RAM, an i5-7400 processor, and AMD RX Radeon 480 graphics card, it’s not hard to understand why the Y720 is a top choice for many. It’s armed with a 1TB hard drive and 16GB SSD boot drive to ensure that users have more than enough space to store their files and for Windows 10 to boot.

Courtesy of the Lenovo Nerve Center feature, users have free rein to customize their setup for streamlined gameplay experience. For superior connectivity, the machine has an array of ports; 4 USB 2.0 and 3.0.

6. Alienware Steam Machine ASM100-6980BLK: The Key to Control, Customize and Conquer Your Gaming

alienware steam machine asm100 6980blk image

Do you solely intend to use a PC for gaming and nothing more? Then the ASM100-6980BLK is a strong option to consider. With a Steam controller and operating system in tow, users can navigate menus like a console, only with the power of Steam’s vast assortment of games.

The system has 8GB DDR3L RAM, an i7-4785T processor that operates at a frequency of 2.2 GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card, and 1TB hard drive. Combined, that’s a fairly reasonable set of specs for the price. Furthermore, when you consider that the PC has been built purposely with Steam games in mind, which bypasses various issues that could crop up if Windows was installed.

Nonetheless, the ASM100-6980BLK grants you free rein to install Windows 10 (even though it’s unnecessary) if you wish to go down that road. As a compact and lightweight computer, it has dimensions of 2.7” (height), 7.87” (depth), 7.87” (width), and weighs 1.81 kg (4 pounds). Therefore, taking it anywhere you go is a breeze. For better connectivity, the machine has a respectable 4 USB ports and 2HDMI outputs to accommodate all your headsets and controllers.

7. ASUS GR8 II-6GT024Z: The Choice of Champions

asus gr8 ii 6gt024z image

As a small form computer rather than a mini gaming system, the GR8 is compact enough not to occupy too much room wherever it sits. Its ultra-quiet thermal chamber (up to 23% quieter than its rivals) delivers maximum cooling for daily use and actively cools when marathon gaming is in progress.

Regarding the specs, it’s an extraordinary system. You’ll find an i7-7700 processor with 8GB DDR4 memory, and GeForce GTX 1060 6G graphics card for unbeatable 4K steaming coupled with HD gaming. With 32GB DDR4 RAM and SSD memory, it’ll be a while (if at all) before you run out of storage space.

Closing Remarks

As manufacturers and creative builders continue pushing the limits of what’s possible with a portable gaming PC, it continues increasing in popularity. So, if gaming on the go is your style, then the above-reviewed options are your best bet for a sound product.