Your Guide to Gaming Chairs with Speakers

Gaming chairs offer awesome comfort for those who are hardcore gamers. Having a chair that is comfortable and has speakers with vibration can make the PC or console gaming experience extreme. Researching which chairs are the best is important, so that your gaming session gets the best sound, connections, durability and ergonomic design for an affordable price.

The added benefit of a chair with speakers is that it can help preserve the users hearing as they are no longer having to use earbuds. They also don’t have to worry about whether their headphone wires reach where they want to game from, achieving maximum comfort. Gaming chairs that have speakers make your gaming setup a lot easier and more experiential, delivering an awesome surround sound setup for a long gaming session.

Things to Look for in a Gaming Chair with Speakers

Gaming chairs with speakers are not inexpensive. If you want quality sound and comfort to compliment your gaming system, then it is going to cost some money. Knowing what features to look for when purchasing a chair is important. The direction of the speakers, the weight of the chair, comfort, vibration and material are all items that need to be assessed.


One of the main reasons people purchase a gaming chair with speakers is for the sound. With new technology, it is rare that these chairs do not have higher-end speakers. However, it is important to try out a gaming chair to make sure the sound is good. Speakers that face the front are usually more immersive then ones that face the side. However, the backrest of the chair then needs to be high enough so the player’s body doesn’t ruin the sound of the speakers. If the backrest is lower, then it is best to go with speakers on the side of the headrest. Don’t go with fewer than 2 speakers in the chair. The sound needs to surround the player, and this is not possible with just one.

Max Weight Capacity

Gaming chairs are not going to have a minimum weight capacity, but they will have a maximum one. Most gaming chairs with speakers will have 275 pounds as their upper limit for weight unless is it a specialized chair such as a massage chair. If the weight capacity is ignored, then the chair will have a shorter lifespan and parts could fail depending on its design.


No one wants a chair for a long gaming session that is uncomfortable. Having a good headrest pillow, high back, a padded armrest and lumbar support can all make for an extra comfortable chair. Not all chairs need an adjustable armrest, or armrests at all, but some people may prefer it. Make sure to sit in a gaming chair to see if it is comfortable enough. Not everyone may find the same seat suits their taste.


Choosing a chair that is foldable as well as able to swivel and tilt can make comfort and storage easier. Having a flexible chair can help with space issues if they have easy setup and takedown.


Having a chair with synchronized vibration enhances the gaming experience. You get to listen to the sound as well as feel it.


Good material means durability. Look for quality covering as well as breathable material to make sure the chair helps with coolness and comfort, similar to a typical office chair.

Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers on the Market

X Rocker Pro H3

This rocker chair isn’t just for young gamers, it is designed for both teens and adults. It has 4 speakers for great sound. Two are facing forward and 2 sideways. There is a powerful subwooferwith awesome sound,along with Audio Force modulation technology. The sounds will have any hardcore gamer feel like they are right inside the game itself.  The chair has motors for vibration that will be synced with the audio bass tones so there is a complete body sensation for more entertainment. There is a control panel that allows the player to have complete control over the volume and tone such as bass. There are input/output jacks so there can be more than one chair connected along with both wired and wireless ability for Bluetooth connectivity. The padded armrests make long game sessions comfortable. This console gaming chair is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.

X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1

This chair stands about above the rest. It has a great base that elevates it and allows some good tilt and turn movement. The armrests are padded so they make any sitting position comfortable. The fabric keeps the player cool while sitting in it. It has 2 speakers that are set near the headrest along with a 4” subwoofer set to the outside of the back support. Audio Force Modulation is used to make vibrating audio, so the gamer is both hearing and sensing the audio simultaneously. The chair can be used with both wired and wireless audio and has a control panel that includes input/output jacks. It allows multiple chairs to be linked up. It is compatible with most gaming systems, television and MP3 players as well. It is only 18 pounds and folds up for quick and simple storage.

VON Racer Rocking Video Gaming Chair

VON Racer Rocking Video Gaming Chair
  • 【LEVEL UP YOUR GAMING EXPERIENCE】- This rocking gaming chair was designed with the console gamer in mind to provide support through casual to extreme gaming sessions, leveled up from those old-school rockers while retaining its ability to rock back.
  • 【IMMERSIVE WIRELESS MEDIA EXPERIENCE】- This high-back tilt & swivel pedestal game chair features built-in Bluetooth capability, designed for playing video games, watch movies, listen to music, read and relax. The chair incorporates wireless audio transmission, 2 speakers near the headrest, and a 4

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This chair was designed for the console gamer. It has a high back tilt and a swivel base with Bluetooth capabilities not just for gaming but movies, music and more. There are 2 speakers set near the headrest along with a 4” subwoofer on the outer part for great low sound. The base of the chair can swivel 360 degrees for optimal comfort and there is a second headrest that can be used or stored (on the chair) as needed. The armrests are padded and can be moved out of the way when not needed. The chair has segmented padding and has a high-density sponge for optimal comfort. There is good support for the head, waist and hips during long hours of gaming.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to put your money in a gaming chair with speakers, then it’s important not only to do your research but to try it out if you can. Read reviews, sit in the chairs and see which one fits your style of gaming and comfort. There are lots to choose from, but make sure to pick the one that suits you, so your money is well spent.