The Top 5 Heaviest Gaming Mice

Benefits of a heavier gaming mouse:

When buying a gaming mouse, weight is one of the most important considerations to take into account. The heaviest gaming mouse will be best suited for anyone with bigger hands or who enjoys a weightier feel when gaming. Heavier gaming mice are also perfect for anyone who prefers using a palm grip when gaming.

What is mouse DPI:

The DPI or dots per inch is a value used to measure how sensitive a mouse is. A mouse with a higher DPI will have more sensors present and move the cursor farther when being used. While a higher DPI does not correlate to a better mouse, the higher the DPI value of the mouse, the more sensitive it will be.

Other considerations when buying a gaming mouse:

Beyond weight and DPI, factors like RGB and the type of sensor in a mouse can help you narrow your search when buying a mouse. Regarding sensors, the two most common types are laser and optical sensors. Laser sensors, while not as accurate, work better on a variety of surfaces. In contrast to this, optical sensors are generally more accurate, but perform poorly when not used on a mousepad. Finally, whether you prefer a wired or wireless mouse may have an impact when making your decision on which mouse to buy. 

Our Heavist Gaming Mice Recommendations

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1. ASUS ROG Spatha (Heaviest Mouse)

  • Weight: 183g
  • DPI: 8,200 max
  • Wireless/Wired: Wired or Wireless
  • RGB: Yes
  • Senor: Laser

Coming in as the first and heaviest option on our list, the ASUS ROG Spatha weighs a hefty 183g, the heaviest mouse on the list by a wide margin. Its weight comes from a magnesium alloy chassis frame, built to be incredibly durable. Given its weight, the Spatha is a large mouse, making it best for anyone with larger hands or who favors a palm grip. For anyone preferring a claw or fingertip grip, the Spatha may be too big to comfortably use. With six side buttons, the Spatha can also be used for MMOs and games requiring additional keymapping. 

Another notable feature, the Spatha uses a convenient magnetic charging station, allowing for easy charging when not in use. It can also be charged via USB to allow for non-stop gaming when running low on battery. 

2. SteelSeries Rival 650 (& 600 wired) (Premium Option)

  • Weight: 153g
  • DPI: 12,000 max
  • Wireless/Wired: Wireless (Wired available)
  • RGB: Yes
  • Senor: Optical

Next up, the SteelSeries Rival 650 features an adjustable weight system unique to our list. Both sides of the mouse have a removable slot with spaces for additional weights to be placed. Positioned in a way to ensure optimal balance, the weight slots give an impressive amount of versatility to the Rival 650, allowing for an almost limitless amount of fine-tuning and flexibility to find the perfect weight and feel for every user.

Featuring a two sensor system, the Rival 650 has a primary sensor and depth sensor to provide exceptional accuracy and precision. While the primary sensor detects lateral movement, the depth sensor provides a useful liftoff detection to compensate for any unintentional movement. 

With such a full-featured mouse, it’s easy to see why it was rated by TechRadar as the #1 mouse of 2018. As a final added bonus, the mouse comes with SteelSeries’ own RGB software to allow for further lighting customization across its eight RGB zones.

Note: Also available in a lighter, wired version as the Rival 600

3. Logitech G602 Wireless (Budget Option)

  • Weight: 152g
  • DPI: 2,500 max
  • Wireless/Wired: Wireless
  • RGB: No
  • Senor: Optical

Third on the list, the Logitech G602 Wireless boasts a surprising number of features at a great price point. The most notable characteristic of the G602 is its unique, spaceship-like design, with a flared out wing on the side which acts as a thumb rest and offset right & left keys. The additional 8 side buttons and 2 DPI keys spaced throughout the mouse make it a great mouse for MMOs and potentially MOBAs while also serving to add to its futuristic design style.

For anyone loyal to the Logitech brand, the G602 is by far their heaviest mouse, and sold at an incredibly competitive price point. Its unconventional appearance will turn off users seeking a more minimalist gaming mouse design, but for anyone looking for a heavy mouse with a unique look, the G602 is a great choice. 

4. Corsair Scimitar Pro

  • Weight: 147g
  • DPI: 16,000 max
  • Wireless/Wired: Wired
  • RGB: Yes
  • Senor: Optical

When it comes to design, the Corsair Scimitar Pro is a mouse built with MMOs in mind. With 12 mechanical side buttons, the Scimitar Pro is perfect for the numerous hotkey demands of MMOs and similar styled games. Adding to its customizability for MMOs, the 12 side buttons sit on an adjustable slider, allowing for users to adjust the buttons to fit perfectly in your hand. The second and fourth row of keys also feature a textured grip, a nice touch allowing new users to easily become familiar with each individual row of keys on the fly. 

For anyone seeking a highly sensitive mouse for competitive or fps style games, the Scimitar Pro also has the highest DPI on our list, though the DPI can be adjusted up or down to fit the user’s needs. As a final note, the Scimitar Pro also comes with Corsair’s Utility Engine to allow for customization across its four RGB locations.

5. Logitech G603 Wireless

  • Weight: 137g
  • DPI: 12,000 max
  • Wireless/Wired: Wireless
  • RGB: No
  • Senor: Optical

The last mouse on our list, the Logitech G603 features a minimalist design with a grey/black colorway and six programmable buttons. What stands out most about the G603 is its unparalleled battery life, sitting at 500 hours in standard mode and 18 month battery life in LO mode. The LO mode is a battery saving mode, ideal for use when web-browsing or for day-to-day tasks outside of gaming. The mouse comes with a switch to easily allow for changing between both modes. 

The G603’s incredible battery life can be attributed to Logitech’s “Hero Sensor”, a state-of-the-art gaming sensor which uses 10x less battery life than Logitech’s previous


When looking at the heaviest gaming mice, the best choice for you will depend on your own personal preferences and the type of PC games you plan to be playing. Beyond weight, factors like RGB, DPI, and additional buttons for added keymapping are all things to consider when buying a gaming mouse. For anyone looking to spend less on a gaming mouse, the wired varieties will often cost substantially less, though will also weigh less as a consequence to not using batteries.