Real Name: Eduardo Fernando

Team: Breakmen

Most Streamed Game: Minecraft

YouTube | Twitter

EduKof, also known by his other channel name AM3NIC, is a Brazilian YouTuber currently living in the United States. EduKof got his start with Minecraft content, and transitioned to also include games like Fortnite, as well as mobile games like Clash Royale and Happy Wheels. EduKof has taken advantage of his popularity to launch a clothing line with his friends “The Breakmen”, and to publish a book entitled Am3nic x EduKof: A Vida Do Maior Youtuber Brasileiro Nos Estados Unidos (In English, Am3nic x EduKof: The Life of the Largest Brazilian Youtuber in the United States).

EduKof’s vlog content has gotten more popular than his gaming content, with his primarily vlog-focused channel having nearly 14 million subscribers (compared to the nearly 4 million on his gaming channel). He also has almost 3 million followers on Twitter.

source: YouTube
source: YouTube

The Build:

Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X

Graphics card: Asus ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080TI

Motherboard: Unknown


Case: Unknown

Power Supply: Unknown, likely something like the Corsair HX Series, HX1000, 1000 Watt, 80+

CPU Cooler: Corsair H1151 RGB Platinum

Hard Drives: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB