Couples Gaming Setup Ideas and Tips – Our Guide for Better Gaming

Online gaming is a whole new world that entertains us. For most of us, the world of gaming is our sweet escape from the hassles and stresses of the real world. It is also one way of being closer to our loved ones, who also share the same interest in gaming as much as we have.

Couples, who love online gaming, have more bonding moments both on and offline, especially when they have their gaming equipment side-by-side. Couples gaming setup is a trend for gamer couples who want to spend more time together, virtually and physically.

Here are a few tips to achieve better gaming experience with a couples gaming setup.

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  • Personal space should be respected. Areas are important when setting up a game station for couples. You want to be together, yet you also want to respect the remaining space in-between, especially if you play different games at times. You also have to consider the room size where you want to set up your gaming equipment. Is there enough space for two? How close or far can you assemble stuff?
  • Comfort is essential. Comfort is an integral part of gaming. You have to be comfortable with your mouse and keyboard to keep up with a good game. You have to be comfortable with your chair for you to be able to stay put for hours on end. You have to be comfortable with every couples gaming setup you decide with your partner.
  • Minimize/add lights to your liking. Most gaming rooms are set up with no to little lights. Some prefer to play in the dark; however, some also want to keep the lights on. Lighting depends on how a gamer wants it to be, but since you are a couple, who may have differences in what you want, it is best to talk it over and meet in between.

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  • Keep it cool. Gaming computers are created to be powerful and produce plenty of heat. A single gaming computer can make a room hot, what more if there are two of it? With two gaming computers inside a room being used for long periods of time, it can be burning hot! Using air-conditioning to keep the room as cool as possible can be costly. So if you are on a tight budget, you and your partner can do well with multiple fans or opening windows (that is if you want the light to come in.)
  • Invest in technology. A unique and amazing gaming experience is all about technology, technology, technology! Technology is an important factor in how we all enjoy gaming today. This goes without saying that technology is also essential in making a great couples gaming setup incredible. Having adjustable TV stands or a couple of those fundamental wireless headsets will make a huge difference for your gaming experience.
  • Get the layout done (side-by-side, forward front or back facing from each other). We said earlier how personal space should be respected. In line with this respect, the layout of a couples gaming setup should also be considered. Will you place your computers side-by-side on one table? Or will you have different desks that are facing each other so that you can see each other’s faces clearly? Or perhaps you prefer to keep it more private by having your backs on each other? It all depends on you and your partner, as well as the space available for your equipment.
  • Bring the fridge closer. Okay, this one may or may not be essential, but it’ll surely help. If you still have a space to keep a small fridge inside your game room, keep it. Games can take long hours of your time, and while you enjoy gaming, you need to make sure that you keep yourself fed and hydrated too. Nutrition is essential as much as playing games. So keep the fridge closer!

There are plenty of game room ideas out there from basement dens to little corner nooks. You can get tons and tons of ideas not only from the internet but also from people around you and your creative mind. If there’s one thing we want to emphasize on how to make a couples gaming setup more exceptional, that is to personalize.

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But still, we want to provide you with some setup for couples gaming that you can take inspiration from.

  • Color-coded corner. Pinks and blues are too universal, but still, can be used. You and your partner may also choose different color schemes that you can make use of for each of your spaces. Having a specific color (or perhaps multi-colored designs) will add more life to your gaming setup.
  • Themed-spectacle. Whether you are a fan of Overwatch or Fortnite or whether you want it to be retro-themed or Hello Kitty characters, you make your deal. Themed designs are easy because decorations are usually available in different physical and online shops. It also keeps each of your spaces unique and more personalized to what you like.
  • The Unfussy Couple. For minimalist couples, a simple yet classic design is the best gaming setup idea. Game rooms often have hundreds of cables lying around, which makes it cramped and messy. To address the issue, you can get yourselves a cable organizer or tie loose wires together. Whenever you can, go for wireless electronics such as a wireless mouse, speakers, and headsets. Also, pick neutral colors and do not fill up the room with useless, unnecessary furniture. A couple of comfortable chairs, desks, and gaming gadgets are all you need.
  • Basement Nest. If your basement is unused or has a space to create a lovely couples gaming nook, use it! Basements are always a great choice when it comes to the perfect spot for gamers. There’s less lighting, ample space, and fewer distractions that will allow you to focus more on the game rather than the unexciting reality of life.
  • The Corner District. We mostly take for granted the corners of our homes because they are either too narrow to put something or just too inconvenient for some. However, if you have an imaginative mind, you can make use of a corner spot to create your couples gaming setup. Let your creativity let loose.