That Annoying Guy in Your Discord

We all have that one guy annoying guy in our discord channel. He talks too much, constantly invites himself, talks over everyone else, and can’t take a damn hint.

That annoying guy in your discord channel (let’s call him Tagid for short) was invited one day because he was on your team in PUBG when you forgot to turn off fill team in a squads match. He was fine enough that day – didn’t talk too much, had good call outs, shared stems with the team – so you kept him around.

Over the few weeks, he played with you every couple of days whenever you needed a fourth. A week in, he started occasionally yelling when he died and blaming the “BS hitboxes”. Two weeks in, his negativity and screaming are starting to get annoying. You haven’t removed him yet because, let’s face it, it’s still kind of funny to laugh at his raging.

Three weeks in, that’s when it changes. Now, Tagid is public enemy number one.. This is when he starts debriefing the team on what we should have done tactically different when we face the situation next time. He can’t take it when the squad makes fun of him, and rage quits in the middle of a game.

How have you handled the situation? You probably created a secret channel in Discord to avoid him, or make sure the squad is full before you launch the game. After a month of this, he’s still messaging the channel with his recent Black Ops clip highlights and joining to ask if you have room.

Do yourself a favor, tell Tagid to pound sand and kick him out of your Discord so you can game in peace.