Best Value Hardware: Top VR Headsets for 2020

Are you looking for the best VR hardware for your PC setup?

While previously unattainable to the average gamer because of the cost and complexity, virtual reality setups are popular among most PC users today. Most companies even produce easy-to-understand setups for novice users.

VR rigs have also seen an explosion in their popularity in streaming platforms. This is because a lot of popular gaming franchises are getting VR ports. With their viewers demanding to see them play it, looking for the best value hardware became one of their priorities.

If you’re looking for the same hardware, give what we’ve prepared below a read. We’ll talk about the top VR headsets that will prove to be your money’s worth.


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1. Oculus Rift S

Despite having the Oculus Quest released a few months after it, the Oculus Rift S is still the better choice for those looking to pair a VR setup with a PC. It is also easy to link up to your streaming setup. This makes it the most popular VR headset for 2019 for gamers and streamers.

Its LCD screens also help sell these products. It boasts 1280 by 1440 pixels for each of its screens. It also has a refresh rate of 80 Hz refresh rate.

This means you won’t experience any screen tearing on your headset, the PC’s mirrored display, or for your stream viewers.

Another great aspect of the Oculus Rift S is that it removes the need for external sensors. It has an Insight Tracking feature that helps you stay inside the boundaries of your area. This reduces the setup difficulties most people have with other VR setups.

This feature also makes way for better stream lighting. You won’t have to worry about blocking any sensors with your lights with the Oculus Rift S.

2. HTC Vive Pro

This VR headset is the most underrated and overlooked product in the market today. This is because most people find their price tag unfavorable. This is many times more powerful than the Oculus Rift S, though.

It comes down to the specs of the HTC Vive Pro. The headset has a higher pixel-per-eye resolution compared to the Oculus Rift S. It also has a higher refresh rate to help with the greater display.

You also don’t have to worry about knocking into things with the HTC Vive Pro. This setup has a larger tracking area for you to play in. As long as you have a big room, you’ll use the HTC Vive Pro to its fullest potential.

It’s also lighter than the Oculus Rift S. This helps you avoid dropping it from a sudden head movement. It also has a gesture control feature that lets you perform more movements and signals with your hands while you’re logged in.

Having the Vive Pro doesn’t mean you have to pick from a small pool of games. You have a library of games that’s said to rival that of Steam. This will ensure your stream doesn’t go stale playing the same games.

3. Sony PlayStation VR

If you enjoy streaming more console games than PC games, then the Sony PlayStation VR is for you. This headset is easy to port to your PS4 and will also be easy to port to your streaming setup.

You won’t even need a PC to help you stream with the Sony VR headset. This is because the PlayStation still has a clunky relationship with PCs. This makes removing the PC from being a factor in console streaming Sony’s only choice to keep up with the streamer trend.

Don’t despair, though, the PlayStation VR is the best headset for console gamers today. It has a lower pixel-per-eye display than other high-end headsets available. This isn’t a problem as console games have lower graphical requirements.

It makes up for this with a 120 Hz refresh rate. This is the highest refresh rate in the market. This is for those who use their virtual reality headsets for other applications such as watching movies in 4k resolution or exploring areas with armchair tourism.

4. Valve Index

Being the latest product in the market, the Valve Index is the best value hardware today. Valve understands gamers and you can expect to get the best experience when you get this headset. Their partnership with HTC in the past also gives them insight into how VR headsets work.

You’ll notice that the headset itself is heavier the moment you put it on. This is because of the high-quality construction that went into the hardware. It provides you with comfortable cushions and built-in speakers.

With fasteners in the right places to support the headset, it provides you with a comfortable and immersive experience while you are gaming and/or streaming.

Speaking of immersion, you’ll find more of that once you handle the Valve Index’s controllers. They have a different feel from other controllers because you can adjust them to fit your hands. The LCD panels are also worth your investment on their own.

These panels offer different refresh rates to choose from. This means you can have any processor with the Valve Index. You can choose a fitting refresh rate for the current setup you have.

These panels also have high resolutions display for your stream viewers to enjoy. The Index also has a USB expansion slot on the front of the headset. This means you can expect further updates to apply the current headset you have.

It makes the Valve Index a potential candidate as a long-term investment. This makes it a good first choice for your first VR headset.

Grab the Best Value Hardware Today

VR setups are trending today in the streaming business. Getting a high-end headset allows you to expand your stream and appeal to more viewers. Grab the best value hardware and set up your VR stream today!

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