Best Custom PC Cables For Your Next Build

If you’ve ever seen a PC without proper cable management, you know how it can turn a beautiful custom build into a rat nest. That brand new 2080 hidden beneath a jungle of thick wires is a damn shame.  That’s why we believe it’s essential to invest in a cable kit when you’re building your next PC. Your PC will look better, be easier to clean (we know you’ve been putting it off), and your shiny new RGB components in your glass case will thank you for it later.

Asiahorse Cable Kit
Asiahorse Cable Kit
Asiahorse Cable Kit
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1. Antec

  • Highest Rated
  • Best Warranty: 3 Years
  • Cables tend to run stiffer than other brands

For those who’ve never used a cable kit mod before, Antec is a great place to start. Currently one of the highest rated cable kit companies on the market, it’s easy to understand the hype behind Antec’s cable products. Antec cable kits feature cables made from quality materials with premium PET sleeves, a choice between 300mm or 500mm cable length, and solid 16AWG cables. There’s no denying that Antec is a company that has spent the time and resources to make a terrific product. On top of offering a quality cable kit, Antec backs their products with a generous three-year warranty, something I’ve yet to find in other companies selling comparable cable kits.

Regarding aesthetics, Antec offers the same clean design featured in many of their other PC components. While only offering a modest number of color options, the color schemes available cover a wide range to fit any build or RGB setup, with sharp vibrant cables and classic all black or white options.

In respect to compatibility with PSUs, each Antec cable kit will include a set of standardized cable sizes necessary for most standard builds, including a 24-pin ATX cable, two 8-pin and two 6-pin PCI-E cables, a 4x4pin ESP, and matching-colored cable combs for easy installment.

If you are unsure whether their cable kit will be compatible with your PSU, make sure to double-check before purchasing a kit. Given that Antec is one of the few companies selling quality cable kits for most builds, they’ve made it a point to offer true first-class support for their products. They actively advertise that should you have any specific questions regarding the compatibility of their cable kits, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact them through their support site.

2. CableMod

  • Premium Option
  • Easiest to find the perfect cable kit
  • Biggest Color Selection
  • Shorter Warranty
  • Most Expensive

When it comes to cable kits, CableMod sets the gold standard for cable management. Offering premium, easy to install cable kits with almost limitless customization, CableMod has really cornered the market in terms of deluxe cable kits. It’s clear the cables from CableMod were built to last, with a modern, sleek design made from quality materials and top-tier aesthetics. 

To start, CableMod kits come fully equipped with a staggering number of innovative features that just haven’t been matched by their competitors. One of the most notable features is that CableMod offers cable kits which are meant to be complete replacements for the existing cables in your build. In other words, rather than just selling cable extensions that hook into the cables connected to your PSU, CableMod is able to “cut out the middle man” by offering their own unique cables which connect directly to your build’s PSU. This cuts down on the excess & unused cable length that can buildup when using cable kits which only come as extensions to your build’s existing cables. 

Since one of the main selling points of cable kits is to offer a cleaner more organized aesthetic inside your build’s case, we’re surprised that complete cable replacement kits haven’t become an industry standard for companies selling cable kits.

Another feature unique to CableMod kits is their trademarked “ModFlex Sleeving”, a special sleeving which is softer than normal nylon sleeving and thinning than traditional cloth braiding. If you’ve ever experienced trying to connect inflexible cables around a motherboard or other components in a cramped case, you’ll know it’s an exercise in futility. Thankfully, the Modflex cables are flexible, twistable, and bendable, a godsend when working with limited space in a fully decked-out case. For those looking for a stiffer cable, they also offer a line of cables using “ModMesh” which provides more rigid support for the cables. The ModMesh also offers a more vibrant color for anyone looking to really maximize their build’s color setup.

Continuing on with aesthetics, CableMod offers the most customization in regards to color compared to other brands. With over 30 colors to choose from, including dual-color options and a number of RGB light strip accessories, you can pick the perfect cables to fit your build’s color scheme. And since all of CableMod’s products come in their trademarked sleeving, they’re 100% heat-shrink free, a material used in many cable kits which covers the internal wiring with a rubber-like material (think boring matte black). 

Finally, in terms of compatibility, the team over at CableMod has really gone out of their way to ensure they have a cable kit for every major power supply brand. EVGA? They’ve got you. Corsair? No Problem. The same goes for SeaSonic, ASUS, XFX, and a number of smaller brands. If you’re not sure about which cable kit to buy, CableMod has listed their entire catalog of cable kits on their site along with the respective matching power supply. (Don’t be an idiot like us and buy the wrong cable kit from Amazon. I’m not kidding, I didn’t realize until I went to build my new rig.) 

3. Asiahorse

  • Cheapest option on market
  • Big Beefy 18AWG cables for maximum durability
  • No support options on their website
  • No warranty offered on kits
  • Limtited Color Options

The last entry on our list, Asiahorse offers solid cable kits at a great value, perfect for anyone making their first build. While lacking some of the customization options offered by their competitor’s, Asiahorse offers all the cable kit essentials you’ll need for your next build at a budget-friendly price point. 

With a basic no-frills aesthetic you’d expect from the least expensive entry on our list, there’s not much to say about Asiahorse concerning looks. A few color options with standard braided cables terminating with all-black combs. In this case, Asiahorse’s cable kits may be your best option if you already know your case will be opaque or will lack a clear view of the inside. 

For anyone indifferent about aesthetics or hesitant to invest into a more expensive cable kit, Asiahorse cables kits are a safe bet offering all the functionality you’ll need from a cable kit. 

While they may not be the flashiest products on the market, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Asiahorse cable kits. With durable triple-weave 18AWG cables at a length of 300mm and enough flexibility to maneuver around the bulkier components like the motherboard or GPU, Asiahorse’s cable kits strike a nice balance between performance and price. Note however that they do not offer a 500mm size, so anyone building a full size PC could run into cable length issues. Each kit includes the standard cable setup, with a 24-pin ATX cable, two 8-pin and two 6-pin PCI-E cables, and a 4x4pin ESP cable. 

Unfortunately, since Asiahorse is a company based outside of the US, they don’t have a site offering support for their products. This means if you have any questions about your build’s compatibility with Asiahorse cable kits, you won’t have any means to get in touch with their support team. We also couldn’t find any information on a warranty for their cable kits, something we don’t foresee being a problem but is worth pointing out.

Whether purchasing a new build or updating an existing one, we love the organization cable kits provide. With companies like CableMod offering cable kits with a variety of color options and a streamlined approach to cable management, they’re the perfect addition to anyone looking to make the perfect build.