How Long Does a Computer Power Supply Last

How Long Does a Computer Power Supply Last?

There are a lot of questions you’re going to ask yourself while shopping around for a computer power supply unit. One of the biggest is how long does a computer supply unit even last?

But this isn’t the only question you’re going to need to ask yourself. You’re going to cover all the bases before you spend money.

We’re going to answer all your questions when it comes to finding the right power supply units, from battery power to your PC power supply.

How Long Does a Computer Power Supply Last? 

This is a tough question to answer. It can vary between brands and how often you have your desktop computer running.

Most power supply units should last at least five years. This depends on how often you use the unit and how much power you’re putting through it.

But the better the quality, the longer the unit should last. The best power supply units can last between ten and 15 years. As long as you don’t overdo it with the amount of power or voltage being sent through.

What are Efficiency Ratings? 

There is a certified program to help you determine the efficiency rating of a power supply unit. Most brands take part in this program so their customers can get an idea of what they offer.

The power supply unit is meant to convert the AC power from an outlet to DC power for your computer.

The efficiency of a unit determines how much heat and energy is wasted during that conversion. These are measured by what it can handle up to 100% loads.

The highest efficiency ratings are platinum and titanium units. A titanium rating means it’s 94% power efficient. A platinum rating means it’s 90% power efficient.

Next is the gold rating at 90% power efficient. The silver rating is 88% power efficient, and the bronze rating is 85% power efficient.

The lowest rating is the white rating, meaning there’s a power efficiency of 80%. It’s sometimes referred to as only an 80+ rating. 

How Many Wattages Do I Need?

How Many Wattages Do I Need

There are two types of advertised wattages. First, there is the peak wattage, which is the total amount of power the power supply unit can give.

Next is continuous wattage. This type of wattage is the number of watts it gives without interruption or fluctuation.

Believe it or not, but you don’t need a huge amount of wattage if you’re the average gamer. 650 watts should be enough.

However, the professional gamer might need a power supply unit with higher wattage. The better the graphics card, the higher the watts you’ll need to run it smoothly.

And if you’re running multiple drives, you’ll need a unit with high wattage as well.

You have to keep in mind that every part of your computer needs its own amount of energy to run properly.

What are the Types of Modulars? 

There are three types of modulars when it comes to a power supply unit. They are fully modular, semi-modular, and hard-wired.

A fully modular power supply unit means that all the cables are removable. If you’re not using the unit, you can store them away. It also makes it easier to declutter the cables and prevent tangles.

The fully modular unit is the priciest choice between the three.

A semi-modular power supply unit has the needed cables attached. But there are spots for any extra cables you may need for your gaming computer.

A hard-wired power supply unit has all cables attached. But it doesn’t have extra spots for any extra cables, and they also tend to tangle easily. These are the cheapest modulars.

What are Rails? 

What are Rails The rails of a power supply unit are a printed circuit board pathway. It’s this pathway that the unit uses to draw power through it.

A single rail unit uses one rail to send power back and forth to the rest of the unit. These power supply units work best for computers that don’t need as much power.

There is a danger to a single rail power supply unit. If there’s a power surge, the unit can become fried. Even your gaming computer can get fried.

A multi-rail unit passes the power through at least two rails, if not more. The downside to this unit is that the power isn’t always moved equally.

What Else Should You Consider? 

Our first major advice is to do your research on the brand you’re looking at for a power supply unit. You need to check out what the experts have to say.

Read the expert reviews, but don’t forget to read customer reviews, either. Customer reviews can sometimes reveal the pros and cons that you wouldn’t find out elsewhere.

Customer reviews are great at letting you know of any malfunctions the power supply unit can have.

You should also consider your budget. You need to know what you can afford and what you can’t.

You don’t want to skimp out, especially if you run a high-quality gaming computer. The more hardcore you game, the more you should spend. The more graphics your computer uses, the more you should spend.

If you only casually game, you won’t need to spend a lot on a power supply unit.

Lastly, consider the room you have for your power supply unit. If you don’t have a lot of room, there are more compact sizes to choose from.

The Bottom Line 

You don’t want to buy just any power supply unit for your gaming computer. You need to make a list of important features for your specific needs.

Don’t be afraid to shop around. You don’t want to pick the very first power supply unit you come across.

PC Power Supply Efficiency Ratings

PC Power Supply Efficiency Ratings

You would think choosing a power supply unit (PSU) would be an easy part of a PC build, but it is not as simple as you might think. There are a lot of brands on the market that are a mixed variety of name, quality, energy consumption, and cost. Beyond the price, brands and reliability that there are to choose from, there are also efficiency ratings to consider. PSU manufacturers are now adding an 80 Plus rating to the details about their computer power supply rating, so the decision of which one to buy can be thorough, yet more complicated.

The system to rate a computer’s PSU efficiency is called the 80 Plus. This rating system is based on both the reliability and efficiency of the power supply unit. The system was instituted over a decade ago to help people understand the differently classed PSU’s, making purchase options clearer.

The 80 Plus system is fairly easy to understand without a lot of technical detail.  Here is a breakdown of the system so you can recognize the different certification levels that are included for PSU’s.

The 6 PC Power Supply Efficiency Ratings

  • 80 Plus (80+ White)
  • 80 Plus Bronze
  • 80 Plus Silver
  • 80 Plus Gold
  • 80 Plus Platinum
  • 80 Plus Titanium

These are the 6 ratings that define the 80 Plus system and set the standards for PSUs. The first level is 80 Plus.This is also labelled as 80+ white. It is the lowest level of reliability and efficiency and then the ratings go up from there ending at the highest, Titanium. The lowest level of white is one that is rarely seen as PSU’s with this reliability and efficiency are not high enough for most customers. If you are looking for a higher quality PSU, then often you will be looking for one that is rated with a gold and above certification. It will be of higher quality, more reliable, but also more expensive than a silver or bronze rated one.


Most PSU manufacturers have steered away from the 80 Plus Silver as it does not seem to be a standard that is purchased often. People tend to go with the bronze or gold depending on what they were looking for. The distinctions between bronze and silver or silver and gold categories were not significant, so the cheaper Bronze or the more expensive Gold worked well and negated the need for a middle rating.

The market changed once again when the Titanium level of ranking came on to the market, thus dropping the Platinum sales down. However, if you want a good quality PCU at a gold or platinum level, it is less expensive now as many are opting for the titanium with a 10% rated load leaving the others in lower demand. If you don’t need the ultimate in rating, then it works out well for those with a reduced budget.

What is 80 Plus in a PC Power Supply Efficiency Rating?

So, while all these names make sense when it comes to grading a PSU, what does the 80 Plus system really tell you when you are trying to make a decision on a purchase? The 80 Plus system means that each PSU that uses this rating system will put out at least 80% power efficiency when it is at 20, 50 and 100% load. The PSU rating also has to show a power factor of no less than 0.9% when at a 50% load. This power factor is a way to track or measure efficiency. It will capture the ratio of power that goes into the PSU in contrast to the power that is transferred out to the build.

Explaining Efficiency

Percentages and technical explanations aren’t always simple so a practical explanation can help in understanding the 80 Plus rating. If a PSU is pulling in (drawing) 375 watts of power from a wall outlet and sends 300 watts of that power to your computer, then the efficiency of that PSU is determined to be 80%. It is calculated simply by doing the math. 300 divided by 375 comes out to .80 which is 80%. This shows the 80% efficiency rating.

Understanding Which Power Supply to Purchase

There is never a black or white answer when it comes to purchasing a PSU for your computer. It is going to depend on what you are going to be using the PC for. The decision should be based on use, desired quietness, the size of the budget, and how safe the PC needs to be.

If you choose a power supply that has a higher efficiency rating, they will produce less heat. If they produce less heat, then they tend to make less noise because the fan runs at a reduced amount of time meaning the computer will run at a quieter level. The other factor is going to be cost. If you head into the titanium range, then the cost is going to go up substantially. If you don’t need that extra level, then you can save some money overall.

The safety level is a third factor that should play into your purchase decision. This however does not mean that bronze is somehow unsafe. It simply means that it is not as safe as the levels ranked above it. There are still standards to be met when it comes to safety factors even at the white level.

Final Thoughts

For many, PSU’s won't play an integral part when it comes to their computer purchases but for others, it is a significant issue. Understanding how power supply units are rated can help in making the final decision when combined with a budget, quality and brand. Researching all these things and knowing the rating you need will help determine which PSU is the one that meets your specific needs. It is important to go with your specific requirements rather than simply based on someone else’s suggestion. You may not need the same rating as someone else so choosing for your specific need can save you money.

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The Best Mechanical Keyboards for all Budgets

Best Mechanical Keyboards on a Budget

If you are a gamer or someone whose work has them typing all the time, finding a good mechanical keyboard can enhance both your gaming and work experience. Mechanical keyboards can get pricey quick, so we've put together a lit of some of the best budget mechanical keyboards - all are under $200.

Mechanical keyboards are versatile with lots of purchase options. There are ones with rubber domes and others with switches. Even the switches vary from board to board. The three common types of mechanical switches are tactile and quiet, tactile with clicks, and linear and quiet. Linear switches are great for a quiet gaming keyboard, whereas tactile offers great tactile feedback when used for typing. The reality is that choosing a mechanical keyboard should be based on personal preference. There are lots of options with various switches to meet every gaming and work requirement.

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The Best Mechanical Keyboards for all Budgets

Buying a mechanical keyboard does not have to break the bank. There are some great options that range from inexpensive to high end. Here are some mechanical keyboards that are good quality and can meet the needs of every budget.

Logitech G Pro Gaming

While Logitech tends to be well known by gamers, this keyboard is great for gaming and typing. This model no longer uses the Cherry MX red switch but now uses Logitech’s own design. Their Romer-G key switch is low-profile and has a fast response. This budget gaming keyboard is targeted to last for more than 68 million key taps andis well tested. The keyboard has customizable RGB LED backlighting as well as the ability to remap the multimedia keys. There is also the ability to make bespoke profiles designated to aspecific game, so you are all set when the game starts. This keyboard is quick and quiet with great switches, a good light package, and RGB backlighting, all at a reasonable price.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Razer makes great mechanical keyboards no matter what the price is. This one has good RGB backlighting, lots of mechanical switch options as well as a sleek design. The mechanical switches are Razer's own and it has completely programmable keys. The user can set the keyboard up however they want with custom RGB lighting, bespoke Macro keys as well as setting the intensity of the key response. It has passthru ports that include a mic and headphones, along with a USB cable and USB-A port to make dealing with cables easier. The keyboard has Synapse software that is responsive to each aspect the user wants to control. It can also sync with other Razer items that are Synapse supported.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

This keyboard is middle of the road in cost but is high end in features. It is German designed but US-built. It has a 104 key layout with easy to access media keys along the top right. It has a dial to optimize the system with a single turn. It has a full n-key rollover, allowing the user touseany number of keysneeded with no interruption. The 4 Professional gold-plated Cherry MX keys should hold up past 48 million keytaps. The mechanical key caps have a good Das Keyboard font, so the look is classy and easy to read. Its great looks and ergonomics are always present no matter which key changeshappen. The tactile feedback and active response rate are completely up to the preferences of the user.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair has always been known as a solid memory manufacturer, now it can add some of the best mechanical keyboards for hard core gamers and those who type to its list of accomplishments. Its K95 is one of the best that can be found in the gaming market. It offers a selection of Cherry MX switches, as well as the ability of the user to choose black or gunmetal grey color. It has RGB backlighting,offering lots of optimization options, as well as a group of dedicated macro keys that are textured. Its frame comes from anodized brushed aluminum with a wrist rest that is detachable. The best part about this keyboard is that it is supported by the Corsair Utility Engine. This backend software is one of the best on the market. It offers a simple to understand interface that allows extreme amounts of customization both for backlighting and key remapping.

Redragon K552-RGB

This Redragon keyboard is one of the best budget boards. It is at a lower price point but is still good quality. It offers good gaming performance and a solid build. It has Outemu Blue switches that have a great click and gives solid tactile feedback. The user does not have to use much force to press them. The typing response on this keyboard is good but oddly, the click sound does not happen at the actuation. The frame is solid and made out of both plastic and metal. It is strong with reduced flex. Because it is lower in the price range, it does not come with all the bells and whistles the higher end keyboards have. There is no dedicated software and there is no ability to set macros on any key. However, it features a RGB backlight with keys that are lit individually that can be customized. The keyboard offers great performance for the lower price that is paid.

Final Thoughts

If you are a gamer or someone who spends a lot of time typing on a keyboard, then getting a quality mechanical keyboard can be a beneficial thing to do. A solid quality mechanical keyboard can change the gaming and typing experience substantially.

Mechanical keyboard’s new technology is top of the line and offers great gaming and work capabilities. There is a budget mechanical keyboard out there for anyone looking for a solid work or gaming keyboard. There should be no worries about not being able to afford a quality keyboard. If you are on a strict budget, make sure to look for quality versus aiming to get all the extras. Quality construction means it will last and you won’t be shopping for another computer keyboard anytime soon.

Best PSUs for Ryzen 9 3900x

6 Best PSUs for Ryzen 9 3900x

The Ryzen 9 3900x is a strong processor. It does a strong job for any 4K gaming PC build. And a strong desktop processor needs a strong power supply unit (PSU).

Even as advertised, not all PSUs can handle the turbo boost of power that some processors require, especially a Ryzen processor. They can’t make a Ryzen CPU run efficiently, or their power consumption just isn’t enough to handle the CPU.

So, where do find the best PSUs for the Ryzen 9 3900x? We’ve made that job much easier for you.

These are the 6 best PSUs for the Ryzen 9 3900x. These power supplies will have your processor, graphics card, and PC gaming setup working like no other.


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6 Best PSUs for Ryzen 9 3900x

1. Thermaltake Tough Power 80+ Gold Power Supply Unit

Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 650W 80+ Gold SLI/ CrossFire Ready Ultra Quiet 140mm Hydraulic Bearing Smart Zero Fan Full Modular Power Supply 10 Year Warranty PS-TPD-0650FNFAGU-1
  • [80+ gold and Intel C6/C7 States ready] - Deliver up to 90% efficiency, Gf1 Series optimized to work with all generations of Intel's processors to achieve maximum energy saving
  • [Ultra quiet 140mm hydraulic Bearing fan] - Self-lubricated hydraulic Bearing PWM fan superior cooling performance and near silent operation
  • [Smart zero fan] - Auto-regulated fan speed based on power consumption for a quiet and efficient operation. Fan works only when PSU work load goes over 30%. a switch at the back of the PSU can be turned off to have the fan spun constantly
  • [16AWG wires] - Upgraded CPU/PCI E main cables (16AWG wires) for high end enthusiasts Pcs
  • [Japanese capacitors] - 100% High quality 105°C (221°F) Japanese capacitors offer the highest stability, durability, and reliability
  • [Zero cable platform] - Daughterboards are directly soldered to the Motherboard for better heat dissipation and impressive output power quality
  • [<30 mV low ripple noise] - Low ripple ensures excellent performance and keeps performance-critical components, such as high-end graphic card, operating reliably longer
  • [Strict voltage regulation] - <2% Voltage regulation for major rails to meet the highest performance, compared to Intel's standard 5%
  • [High amperage single +12V rail] - Ensures a stable and reliable supply to other PC components
  • [Industrial protections] - (UVP) Under Voltage protection, (OVP) Over Voltage protection, (SCP) short circuit protection, (OPP) over Power Protection, (OTP) over temperature protection, and (OCP) Over current protection
Buy on Amazon

The Thermaltake Tough Power 80+ Gold power supply unit is the most affordable on this list. It’s perfect for a budget and it doesn’t sacrifice features.

It’s made to work with all generations of Intel processors. This helps create maximum energy.

The fan is a self-lubricating hydraulic bearing PWM fan. It’s auto-regulated to maintain fan speed, and makes for a much quieter power supply unit. There’s a switch on the back of the unit. You can use it to turn it off.

The daughterboards of the unit are soldered to the motherboards. This makes for better heat dissipation. You don’t have to worry about overheating this little power supply unit.

Thermaltake uses only high-quality 105-degrees Japanese capacitors. These are the toughest and most reliable capacitors out there, and has up to 90% efficiency.

A 10-year warranty is included. If any issues come up, the manufacturer will either repair or replace the unit.

2. NZXT C650 80+ Gold Power Supply Unit

  • [80+ gold and Intel C6/C7 States ready] - Deliver up to 90% efficiency, Gf1 Series optimized to work with all generations of Intel's processors to achieve maximum energy saving
  • [Ultra quiet 140mm hydraulic Bearing fan] - Self-lubricated hydraulic Bearing PWM fan superior cooling performance and near silent operation
  • [Smart zero fan] - Auto-regulated fan speed based on power consumption for a quiet and efficient operation. Fan works only when PSU work load goes over 30%. a switch at the back of the PSU can be turned off to have the fan spun constantly
  • [16AWG wires] - Upgraded CPU/PCI E main cables (16AWG wires) for high end enthusiasts Pcs
  • [Japanese capacitors] - 100% High quality 105°C (221°F) Japanese capacitors offer the highest stability, durability, and reliability
  • [Zero cable platform] - Daughterboards are directly soldered to the Motherboard for better heat dissipation and impressive output power quality
  • [<30 mV low ripple noise] - Low ripple ensures excellent performance and keeps performance-critical components, such as high-end graphic card, operating reliably longer
  • [Strict voltage regulation] - <2% Voltage regulation for major rails to meet the highest performance, compared to Intel's standard 5%
  • [High amperage single +12V rail] - Ensures a stable and reliable supply to other PC components
  • [Industrial protections] - (UVP) Under Voltage protection, (OVP) Over Voltage protection, (SCP) short circuit protection, (OPP) over Power Protection, (OTP) over temperature protection, and (OCP) Over current protection

The NZXT C650 80+ Gold power supply unit fits with any ATX standard case. It’s a great and affordable power supply unit option.

It has a Zero RPM fan mode. This cool fan mode has a button that quiets the unit once pressed. You won’t be distracted by a loud unit while gaming.

This same fan helps keep the power supply unit cool as well. It spins to cool the unit down and prevent overheating.

The modular design ensures you only use the cables you need. It also ensures organization and prevents cable tangling, which is one of the biggest pains with mostelectronics.

It has sleeved cables that prevent damage from heat. It also prevents fraying and other damage that could happen. This makes the cables last a lot longer.

3. Corsair RM850x 80 Plus Gold Power Supply Unit

The Corsair RM850x 80 Plus Gold power supply unit is an affordable option. Even though it’s cheaper, it’s still a high-quality power supply unit that can handle the Ryzen 9 3900x processor.

It’s made for low noise. It’s also one of the quietest units you can find out there at such an amazing price. This power supply unit has a zero RPM fan mode. When it’s using low loads, the cooling fan turns off.

It uses 100% Japanese 105-degree capacitors. These high-quality capacitors last a very, very long time.

Plus, it has a full modular cable set. It makes organizing your cables easier and helps prevent tangling.

4. Gamemax 850 80+ Gold Power Supply Unit

 We love Gamemax’s 850 80+ Gold power supply unit. It has a cool RGB light that brings life to the power supply unit.

The RGB light has a controller switch. There are different modes, including single color mode and breathing lights. You can set it to whatever you think is coolest.

Gamemax uses a honeycomb design. The special design creates ventilation for the best heat dissipation. It won’t overheat on you when in use.

There’s a fully modular output. Organizing the cables has never been so easy.

It uses Japanese capacitors. These high-quality capacitors offer stability and durability. This power supply unit is tough and isn’t going to break down easily.

It has an efficiency of 91% or more.

It includes a 5-year warranty. No matter what issue arises, the manufacturer has your back.

5. Seasonic Focus GM-850 80+ Gold Power Supply Unit

The Seasonic Focus GM-850 80+ Gold power supply unit is only 140 millimeters in length. It fits in any ATX system.

The FDB fan is regulated by Seasonic’s Silent Fan Control technology. This technology ensures everything runs smoothly and quietly.

It’s semi-modular. You have all the connection options you need. You can keep the cables tangle free because of this design. Plus, it ensures there’s better case airflow.

It includes a 7-year warranty. Seasonic’s customer service is fantastic.

6. EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2 Power Supply Unit

The EVGA SuperNova 850 G2 power supply unit is one of our favorites. It’s high-quality but it’s expensive. If you have the money, it’s worth it.

This power supply unit has an ECO thermal control fan system. This superb fan system has fan modes that make sure the unit makes zero noise. The fan also makes sure heat dissipates and there’s no overheating.

It has a fully modular design. It makes managing the cables easier and prevents tangling. This also improves case airflow for the power supply.

It’s a smaller size than many power supply units. This makes storage and portability so much easier on you. It’s only 150 millimeters in length.

This power supply is over 91% efficient.

It includes a 10-year warranty. If you have any complications, you only have to contact the manufacturer.

 The Bottom Line

 The Ryzen 9 3900x processor is one tough cookie. So, it’s important to find a power supply unit that’s just as tough.

This list is to help you pick the best power supply unit for your needs. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, there are great choices out there.


How to Setup Twitch Streaming on PS4

How to Setup Twitch Streaming on PS4

If you are an online gamer who wants to show off your skills in a particular game, live streaming is one of the best ways to make yourself known. Twitch is one of those ways to highlight your skills and draw in some followers who want to see how you game. Twitch is a platform that allows anyone with a good internet connection to easily set up a streaming session, and show a gamer's prowess on a particular game and system. Using a PS4 is one of the systems that will facilitate the stream of your gameplay out to a community who want to watch your play live and in action.

Twitch is a platform that allows gamers to live stream while they are playing. It doesn’t just allow gamers to stream; it can be used by other lifestyle casters as well. Twitch builds communities around similar interests so all can stream, share and watch. If you have a Twitch channel, you can stream or broadcast gameplay and other activities by sharing a screen. What is on the screen at the streamer's location is what is going to be seen live by Twitch viewers. Fans and subscribers can watch and listen to the Twitch streamer as they game in real life time.

Twitch with your PS4 Console

If you want to learn how to setup Twitch streaming on PS4 consoles, then there are some simple steps to stream gameplay without a lot of hassle. Once you get on Twitch, set up your account details and then link up to the PS4, streaming becomes a breeze with a simple tap and go.

Steps to Set Up a PS4 Stream on Twitch

1. The first step to linking Twitch to your PS4 is to have a Twitch channel (account). This is simple to do. Go to and hit the sign up button. You will find it at the top right on the landing page. Doing this will take you to the screen that has the Log In/ Sign up options. To get an account, simply fill in the form that is used to set your username, password, birthdate and email then click the sign-up button and you should be ready to go.

2. The next step is to sign into the PS4 account, so it is available for linking. Use the controller and go into “Settings.”

3. Then choose “Account Management.”

4. Next, choose “Link with Other Services.”

Steps to Set Up a PS4 Stream on Twitch


5. You will be given the choice of whether you want to use the streaming service of Twitch or YouTube. Choose Twitch. This can be changed later, or YouTube can be added on as well. PS4 has the ability to stream to more than one platform at a time. You may need a third party platform that allows you to do this. However, choosing Twitch as your primary streaming service is done by making the choice when linking to services.

(Note that there will both other options under this link but only Twitch and YouTube can stream video that is live.)

6. Once Twitch has been selected, then follow the step-by-step instructions to sign-in. Twitch makes the sign-in easy with an existing account. Make sure to have either a PC or mobile device close to you when doing this as Twitch will give you a code to enter on that computer or device. This is to confirm who you are and let Twitch connect to the PS4 console you’ve designated.

Making sure Streaming Between Twitch and PS4 Works

While the set up is fairly easy, you want to make sure your streaming settings workfor the actual gameplay.

1. Once you have things set up, then sign into the PS4 and start the game that you’re planning on streaming.

2. Use the PS4 controller to begin sharing by using the pop-up share menu. It is done simply by pressing the share button. The button does not need to be held down. It just needs to be tapped one time.

3. Next, choose to “Broadcast Gameplay.”

4. Once you have landed on the page that is the Broadcast Gameplay, you will need to select the streaming service. Choose Twitch as the one you are going to use.

5. You are almost ready to stream. However, before streaming can begin, the gamer has to pick the video options so the video is configured as you like it before sending it out.There are options to title the stream that is going to begin as well as the ability to choose the quality of video you are going to stream. Next, there is the choice of whether you want to invite any online friends to stream as well. If the PS4 you are using has a camera installed, then you are also able to include a live video that shows you right in the live feed that you are streaming.

6. Now for the final step, choose “Start Broadcast.”

Once these steps are complete, you should be up and streaming live video on Twitch.

Done Playing? Now Halt your Streaming from the PS4

While gaming can go on for hours, sooner or later you will need to disconnect from the streaming service.

1. Once you are finished with broadcasting then push the Share button on the controller. The same one you did to get streaming. The share menu will come up on the side of the screen.

2. Choose “Broadcast Settings” from the menu that came up.

3. Choose to “Stop Broadcasting.” This will end your broadcast and take you back to your game without casting it out to Twitch.

Final Thoughts

Gaming is a great pastime and when you’re good, you want to share that. An account on a huge streaming platform like Twitch can do this. It’s a simple process to create an account and take the next steps to get hooked up to your PS4. A Twitch stream is a great way to share beyond your usual group of players and move to get subscribers and followers who can see what you are doing and how you are doing it.

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Best Mice in the World for Gaming

7 Best Mice in the World for Gaming

Even professional gamers overlook the importance of a gaming mouse. You don’t want to use any mouse for gaming. And you don’t want to settle for a cheap regular mouse with no enhanced features.

To have the right gaming experience, you’ll be looking foran ergonomic mouse so your hand doesn’t cramp up. It needs to respond to your movements. And the right gaming mouse will be heavy duty, whether it’s a wired gaming mouse or a wireless mouse.

We’ve compiled a list of the seven best mice in the world for gaming. You’ll want to test each mouse out before use to make sure it’s the right fit for you.


Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:


7 Best Mice in the World for Gaming 

1. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse 

Sensor: Optical

Interface: Wireless

DPI: 16,000

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse has an incredibly accurate laser sensor. Thanks to the 16,000 DPI, it has an accurate response. It moves fluidly with your hand.

There are 11 customizable buttons plus a hyper-fast scroll wheel. It allows you to customize macros and even shortcut commands.

The mouse wheel has mechanical button tensioning. This speeds up each mouse button quite efficiently.

There’s an adjustable weight system. There are six removable weights for balance. You can adjust it to whatever works best for you.

It has PowerPlay wireless charging. Your gaming mouse will charge when it’s not being used and even when it is. This is sold separately.

This gaming mouse has customizable RGB lighting with close to 16.8 million colors.

There’s an endoskeleton design. This makes the mouse lightweight and easy to move around, making for a more efficient gaming experience.

2. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Gaming Mouse 

Sensor: Optical

Interface: Wireless, Bluetooth, and USB

DPI: 18,000

The Corsair Dark RGB Pro SE gaming mouse has perfect precision due to its’ 18,000 DPI optical sensor.

It uses hyper-polling technology communication with your computer. It runs at 2,000Hz which is twice the speed of your usual gaming mouse.

There are eight programmable buttons. You can assign macro functions and remap buttons.

It has super low power consumption, so it’ll take a while for this mouse to need charging.

You can charge with a reversible USB-C connector or wirelessly with any Qi-compatible charging device.

There are three ways to connect this mouse to your computer. You can run it wirelessly, through low-latency Bluetooth, and USB.

It has a contoured shape for comfort, and there are two interchangeable side grips so your hand doesn’t slip while gaming.

This gaming mouse has a nine-zone dynamic RGB lighting. Included is an integrated light bar with five RGB lights.

3. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Sensor: Optical

Interface: PC

DPI: 16,000

The Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse uses a high-quality and accurate optical sensor with 16,000 DPI. The Trinity is a one-of-a-kind gaming mouse.

It has a total of 19 programmable buttons. You can remap buttons and even assign complex macro functions.

The scroll wheel is rigged and rubberized. The tactile bumps make holding onto the mouse during gameplay easier. It uses durable mechanical switches. It supports up to 50 million clicks.

There are three interchangeable side plates with two, seven, and 12-button configurations.

This gaming mouse has customizable Chroma RGB lighting. There are 16.8 million color combinations to create. Plus, there are preset profiles.

4. Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse

Sensor: Optical

Interface: PC

DPI: 18,000

The Corsair Nightsword RGB gaming mouse detects the center of gravity. The high DPI at 18,000 is adjustable. This allows you to adjust the sensitivity and helps with ultra-tracking.

There are 10 programmable buttons, with the ability to be powerful macros and even key remaps.

It’s ergonomic, and built with a contoured shape to fit the shape of your hand. It also has high-performance rubber grips so your hand won’t slip during gameplay.

This gaming mouse comes with two sets of weights with six mounting locations. This creates a calibrated mouse.

5. SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse 

Sensor: Optical

Interface: USB

DPI: 12,000

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 gaming mouse is unique. This is because it’s one of the few ambidextrous mice out th ere.

It has split trigger left and right buttons. They promise that this mouse will deliver at least 50 million clicks without complications.

This gaming mouse has a claw and palm grip style. No matter how rigorous your gameplay is, you’ll have a comfortable, ergonomic grip on the mouse.

There’s a two-zone multi-color prism RGB illumination. You can customize the lighting how you want it. And you can save your favorite lighting combos as settings for future use. 

6. Razer DeathAdder v2 Gaming Mouse 

Sensor: Optical

Interface: USB

DPI: 20,000

Editor's Note: I've personally been using the Razer DeathAdder as my daily gaming mouse for the last 6 years. I just recently upgraded to the chroma edition, and personally love this mouse for FPS games. I find that I never use most of the DPI range (i'm usually at 2400) but I do appreciate the ability to change DPI directly on the mouse. The only issue I've personally ever had was the grip fell off the side after about 4 years, but was easily re-applied with gorilla glue.

The Razer DeathAdder v2 optical gaming mouse has light beam-based actuation that reads the pressure you put on the buttons.

The superior DPI for this gaming mouse auto-calibrates itself. It cuts down on any drift so it moves with ease while you game.

There are eight programmable buttons. It has customizable Chroma RGB lighting. It supports millions of colors. It also has preset profiles you can choose from.

This gaming mouse uses a drag-free cord. It makes the mouse move swiftly and easily as you move it around. You don’t have to worry about becoming tangled or being weighed down during serious gameplay.

7. BenQ Zowie EC2 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Sensor: Optical

Interface: USB

DPI: 400, 800, 1600, and 3200

The BenQ Zowie EC2 gaming mouse is made just for Esport gamers. It’ll improve your gaming at an affordable cost.

The ergonomic model is made to fit perfectly into your hand. There are two sizes to choose from so you get the best fit for your hand.

This is a driver-less mouse with an adjustable report rate, so you can set It to a setting that works for you.

The 6.6-foot cable attached to this gaming mouse is made from flexible rubber with plenty of stretch and zero latency. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about wire damage. 

The Bottom Line 

There are several reasons to invest in a superb gaming mouse. You want optimal comfort, durability, and speed. These seven mice will up your gaming style.

Gaming Chairs with Speakers

Your Guide to Gaming Chairs with Speakers

Gaming chairs offer awesome comfort for those who are hardcore gamers. Having a chair that is comfortable and has speakers with vibration can make the PC or console gaming experience extreme. Researching which chairs are the best is important, so that your gaming session gets the best sound, connections, durability and ergonomic design for an affordable price.

The added benefit of a chair with speakers is that it can help preserve the users hearing as they are no longer having to use earbuds. They also don’t have to worry about whether their headphone wires reach where they want to game from, achieving maximum comfort. Gaming chairs that have speakers make your gaming setup a lot easier and more experiential, delivering an awesome surround sound setup for a long gaming session.

Things to Look for in a Gaming Chair with Speakers

Gaming chairs with speakers are not inexpensive. If you want quality sound and comfort to compliment your gaming system, then it is going to cost some money. Knowing what features to look for when purchasing a chair is important. The direction of the speakers, the weight of the chair, comfort, vibration and material are all items that need to be assessed.


One of the main reasons people purchase a gaming chair with speakers is for the sound. With new technology, it is rare that these chairs do not have higher-end speakers. However, it is important to try out a gaming chair to make sure the sound is good. Speakers that face the front are usually more immersive then ones that face the side. However, the backrest of the chair then needs to be high enough so the player's body doesn’t ruin the sound of the speakers. If the backrest is lower, then it is best to go with speakers on the side of the headrest. Don’t go with fewer than 2 speakers in the chair. The sound needs to surround the player, and this is not possible with just one.

Max Weight Capacity

Gaming chairs are not going to have a minimum weight capacity, but they will have a maximum one. Most gaming chairs with speakers will have 275 pounds as their upper limit for weight unless is it a specialized chair such as a massage chair. If the weight capacity is ignored, then the chair will have a shorter lifespan and parts could fail depending on its design.


No one wants a chair for a long gaming session that is uncomfortable. Having a good headrest pillow, high back, a padded armrest and lumbar support can all make for an extra comfortable chair. Not all chairs need an adjustable armrest, or armrests at all, but some people may prefer it. Make sure to sit in a gaming chair to see if it is comfortable enough. Not everyone may find the same seat suits their taste.


Choosing a chair that is foldable as well as able to swivel and tilt can make comfort and storage easier. Having a flexible chair can help with space issues if they have easy setup and takedown.


Having a chair with synchronized vibration enhances the gaming experience. You get to listen to the sound as well as feel it.


Good material means durability. Look for quality covering as well as breathable material to make sure the chair helps with coolness and comfort, similar to a typical office chair.

Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers on the Market

X Rocker Pro H3

This rocker chair isn’t just for young gamers, it is designed for both teens and adults. It has 4 speakers for great sound. Two are facing forward and 2 sideways. There is a powerful subwooferwith awesome sound,along with Audio Force modulation technology. The sounds will have any hardcore gamer feel like they are right inside the game itself.  The chair has motors for vibration that will be synced with the audio bass tones so there is a complete body sensation for more entertainment. There is a control panel that allows the player to have complete control over the volume and tone such as bass. There are input/output jacks so there can be more than one chair connected along with both wired and wireless ability for Bluetooth connectivity. The padded armrests make long game sessions comfortable. This console gaming chair is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.

X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1

This chair stands about above the rest. It has a great base that elevates it and allows some good tilt and turn movement. The armrests are padded so they make any sitting position comfortable. The fabric keeps the player cool while sitting in it. It has 2 speakers that are set near the headrest along with a 4” subwoofer set to the outside of the back support. Audio Force Modulation is used to make vibrating audio, so the gamer is both hearing and sensing the audio simultaneously. The chair can be used with both wired and wireless audio and has a control panel that includes input/output jacks. It allows multiple chairs to be linked up. It is compatible with most gaming systems, television and MP3 players as well. It is only 18 pounds and folds up for quick and simple storage.

VON Racer Rocking Video Gaming Chair

VON Racer Rocking Video Gaming Chair
  • 【LEVEL UP YOUR GAMING EXPERIENCE】- This rocking gaming chair was designed with the console gamer in mind to provide support through casual to extreme gaming sessions, leveled up from those old-school rockers while retaining its ability to rock back.
  • 【IMMERSIVE WIRELESS MEDIA EXPERIENCE】- This high-back tilt & swivel pedestal game chair features built-in Bluetooth capability, designed for playing video games, watch movies, listen to music, read and relax. The chair incorporates wireless audio transmission, 2 speakers near the headrest, and a 4

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

This chair was designed for the console gamer. It has a high back tilt and a swivel base with Bluetooth capabilities not just for gaming but movies, music and more. There are 2 speakers set near the headrest along with a 4” subwoofer on the outer part for great low sound. The base of the chair can swivel 360 degrees for optimal comfort and there is a second headrest that can be used or stored (on the chair) as needed. The armrests are padded and can be moved out of the way when not needed. The chair has segmented padding and has a high-density sponge for optimal comfort. There is good support for the head, waist and hips during long hours of gaming.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to put your money in a gaming chair with speakers, then it’s important not only to do your research but to try it out if you can. Read reviews, sit in the chairs and see which one fits your style of gaming and comfort. There are lots to choose from, but make sure to pick the one that suits you, so your money is well spent.

Best Mechanical Keyboard with Media Keys

Best Mechanical Keyboard with Media Keys

Those who are in an older generation of computer users will remember a time when typing on a keyboard meant direct print onto a sheet of paper. Typewriters were really the first mechanical keyboard. As computers came onto the scene, a different type of mechanical keyboard emerged. The early keyboards were heavy duty and solid. The new wireless mechanical keyboard model used today reflects on old mechanical key tech. Today's mechanical keyboards are meant to feel solid, not flimsy disposable technology.

A popular option for a gaming keyboard would be an ergonomic keyboard with RGB backlighting, and each mechanical keyboard switch differs based on needs.

Along with a good mechanical feel, having a keyboard with media keys is also beneficial. Media keys are specific programmable keys that have no other function but media. This can be a stand-alone key or one combined with the Function key. There are various ways these are laid out on different keyboards but having easy access to media on the keyboard is helpful.  Because the cost is generally higher for mechanical keyboards with media keys, make sure to have the information needed so you can make an informed purchase.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

The Key Switch

The main item that makes a mechanical keyboard preferable, is the key switch. Many cheaper boards use a dome switch rather than a key switch type. The dome registers a key tap that pushes down a silicone dome and then connects two circuit board traces. These are cheap to manufacture but need a heavy finger push to make it work. After about 5 million key taps, the dome can lose its springiness, so it is less reactive or stops working completely.

In contrast, mechanical switches do not use silicone at all. There is a physical switch with a spring for pushback that registers what is being typed. These keys have a longer life span than dome so while they are more expensive, they are actually more reliable over time. They are great to use and are well worth the extra investment.

When purchasing a mechanical keyboard, check the switch it uses. There are different kinds of mechanical switch types, with the most common being a Cherry MX red switch, a Cherry MX brown switch, and a Cherry MX blue switch. See if it gives auditory feedback, tactile or both. Also, make sure it has the right amount of functionality, so you are not going to get finger fatigue due to switches that need too much pressure.

Choosing the Best Mechanical Keyboard with Media Keys

There are some great mechanical keyboards with media keys on the market. They have strength, longevity and style. They are great for typists, hardcore gamers and anyone else who wants a keyboard that has a great feel.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Media Keys

This mechanical keyboard is one of the best for heavy-duty gamers. Each key is backlit with a 19 zone LightEdge that runs along the top of the keyboard. The lighting effects are stellar and can be customized. It is low noise and has 6 dedicated macro keys that are completely programmable. They allow for complex macros, key remaps or change to S-key keycaps with specific streaming commands with Elgato Stream Deck software. The Cherry MXRGB silver mechanical key switches offer quick 1.2mm response and will be reliable to around 100 million keytaps. This keyboard has full media control allowing easy access to any media. The palm rest is soft and textured along with being removable. This keyboard is great for long gaming sessions.

SteelSeries Apex 7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – OLED Smart Display – USB Passthrough and Media Controls RGB Backlit

This is a great board for those gamers who are into Esports. This keyboard comes with blue switches that are guaranteed for 50 million keypresses. The player can feel as well as hear when the key is registered. The board has a command center for making setting adjustments as well as tracking info right from the game being played.

It is durable, made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and has stellar lighting that can be customized. The wrist rest offers great palm support and is ergonomically designed. The dedicated media keys allow for volume adjustment as well as other settings that can be changed quickly and easily. Brightness, rewind, skip, halt and more just with a click.

KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Keyboard (MX Brown)

This is a great mechanical keyboard with a split design that is perfect for typing or gaming. It allows for space modification depending on what the keyboard is being used for. It allows for an ergonomic posture with the option of using a lift kit tenting to help get rid of any forearm strain. There are also palm supports that are thick, cushioned and detachable.

The switches are Cherry MX Brown for low force tactile feedback. They are durable and responsive. The RGB lighting is awesome, with backlighting on every key that can be customized in many ways. There is an expansion pack to increase the lighting options to include dual-layer and two-tone effects.

All keys are programmable and customizable. It has macro keys as well as media keys for complete programmability. It can remap 9 game keys with settings saving right to the keyboard’s 4MB memory when in tournament play.

Final Thoughts

While it may seem old-school, using a mechanical keyboard with media keys is now making a comeback. Heavy-duty gamers and typists who like that feeling of switches versus domes love the durability and versatility of a solid mechanical keyboard. While gaming has grown in leaps and bounds technology-wise over the last two decades, heading back to a great mechanical keyboard is a good way to go. These keyboards have not only gotten better with new technology, but are going to enhance your gaming and online experience to the max. There is nothing old-school about their ability to taking gaming and business to the next level.

6 Best PSUs for the RTX 2080 Ti

The new NVIDIA graphics card is a tough cookie. And it needs a high watt power supply unit to keep it running smoothly. Its super-speed takes a lot of wattage to keep up with it.

But finding an appropriate power supply unit isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are many factors to consider, including knowing the RTX 2080 power needs from idle to max usage. A common misconception is that power supplies are using a constanst amount of energy. The reality is that their consumption is low when doing minor tasks like reading this article, and huge when playing a graphics-intensive game at max settings.


Since the actual max usage can differ from the manufacturer's published number, Tom's Hardware investigated the actual wattage needed for the 2080Ti. They found it consumes about 17W at idle, but up to a max peak of 360W. Given this, and the typical needs from your other components, I'd recommend a minimum of a 600W power supply. I'm a definite believer in not cheapening out on your power supply (I have a 750W Gold PSU to power my own PC where I run a 1070ti), so personally, I'd buy a minimum of 750W.

To make it easier for you, we’ve come up with the 6 best PSUs for the RTX 2080 Ti. Any of these units will work perfectly with the new NVIDIA graphics card, just be sure to calculate the wattage needs of your other components before purchasing the 600W PSU.


Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:


X Best PSUs for the RTX 2080 Ti 

1. EVGA Supernova 1600 T2 Power Supply Unit  

Watts: 1600W

Modular: Fully modular

The EVGA SuperNova 1600 T2 power supply unit has one of the highest efficiency ratings at an 80+ platinum rating. This means it has a power efficiency of 92%.

EVGA uses 100% Japanese capacitors. They only use the best so this unit will last you a long time.

It’s a fully modular power supply unit. You don’t have to worry about cluttered cables or even tangled cables.

The fan is a 140-millimeter double-ball bearing fan. This keeps the power supply unit quiet, while still working hard.

It has several protections including Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Power Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Over Temperature Protection.

2. BeQuiet! Pure Power Power Supply Unit 

Watts: 600W

Modular: Hard-wired

The BeQuiet! Pure Power power supply unit has an 80+ Plus gold rating. This means it has a power efficiency of up to 92%.

BeQuiet! uses its state-of-the-art technology. The Synchronous Rectifier (SR) technology delivers stability.

It uses 100% Japanese capacitors. The power supply unit is reliable and the power draw will remain consistent. This PSU is going to last you a long time.

It has a 160-millimeter silent design for the fan. It’s an advanced fluid-dynamic bearing fan. You won’t hear a thing when you’re busy gaming. There will be zero distractions.

It has DC-to-DC conversion for tighter voltage regulation, even under heavy cross-loading conditions.

3. Thermaltake Smart RGB Power Supply Unit  

Watts: 600W

Modular: Fully modular

The ThermalTake Smart RGB power supply unit has an 80+. The power efficiency is up to 87%. There will be fewer power losses to deal with.

It’s a fully modular power supply unit. It has multiple connectors, making hook-up easier. Of course, this means no tangled cables either.

It has a patented RGB LED fan. It uses 10 LED light bulbs for fun colorful illumination. There’s one button for 15 different lighting modes.

There’s a built-in memory function, so you can save your favorite color combo and use it later.

The fan also uses high-quality pieces. The 120-millimeter fan is designed to be silent so you don’t have to hear that annoying humming noise while you game.

4. Corsair HX Series HX850 Power Supply Unit

Watts: 850W

Modular: Fully modular

The Corsair HX Series HX850 power supply unit has an 80+ Plus platinum rating. It saves power and doesn’t run up your electricity bill.

It uses 100% 105-degree C Japanese capacitors. This ensures a unit that’s not going to fall apart any day, so it’ll last quite a while.

This is a fully modular power supply unit. You don’t have to stress over tangled cables or cable clutter. Plus, they don’t crowd the back of the unit so it doesn’t block the fan’s airflow.

It has a 135-millimeter FDB fan, with zero RPM mode that ensures a peep doesn’t come out of this unit during low loads. No noise distraction - the fan only turns on when it’s truly needed.

5. Corsair AXi Series AX1600i Power Supply Unit

Watts: 1600W

Modular: Fully modular

The Corsair AX Series AX1600i power supply unit is our top choice for an RTX 2080 Ti graphic card. It has a high rating of 80+ Plus titanium. This means it delivers over 94% power efficiency.

It uses 100% 105-degree C Japanese capacitors. It’s a super reliable power supply unit that’s going to last.

This is a fully modular power supply unit. It’s easy to set up and you don’t have to worry about cable clutter. You can store away any unneeded cables.

It also uses totem-pole PFC Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors. This ups the efficiency in a smaller form factor.

This power supply unit uses a 140-millimeter patented FDB cooling fan. It’s quiet, even at large loads. And it’s completely silent at low and medium loads.

It has three-color customizable magnetic side labels. You can choose a color that goes with your computer setup.

6. Seasonic Prime TX-1000 Power Supply Unit

Watts: 1000W

Modular: Fully modular

The Seasonic Prime TX-1000 power supply unit has an 80+ Plus titanium rating. This is the highest power efficiency rating that a unit can get.

It’s a big reduction in power consumption compared to other units.

It’s a fully modular power supply unit. This cuts down on cable clutter and prevents cables from tangling. And it improves airflow because there aren’t a bunch of cables covering the fan up. Plus, cable installation has never been easier.

The fan is a 135-millimeter fluid-dynamic bearing fan. It also has a hybrid fan control. It lets you customize the cooling to what your cooling needs are.

It comes with every accessory you need to get started with your new power supply unit.

The Bottom Line 

Our top pick is the Corsair AX Series AX1600i power supply unit. It has all the features you need at an affordable price.

But every power supply unit on this list can hold up to the new NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti graphic card.

discrete graphics card featured image

What Is a Discrete Graphics Card and Do You Need One?

A graphics card is the part of your computer responsible for processing the images that appear on your screen. For tasks that rely heavily on images, a good graphics card is a must-have. Most laptops and cheap PCs come with an integrated graphics card, a card placed on the motherboard that uses the same chip as the processor. This means that your graphics card must share the same system memory (aka RAM) as your CPU.  Pretty much all modern motherboards come with integrated graphics, but it's usually very low performance.

A discrete graphics card is likely what you think of when you hear graphics card or GPU. It's the large card with built-in fans that usually plugs into a PCIe slot on your motherboard. It has dedicated RAM to give your computer extra image processing power and is much more powerful than integrated graphics. This is why you typically see a graphics card advertised with a gigabyte number after the tier number.

The naming conventions and features of discrete graphics cards can get confusing to new gamers. Let's break it down in simple terms on this ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080TI-O11G on Amazon:

  • Tier Level: 2080Ti (this tiering system represents the processing speed. AMD and Nvidia have their own versions)
  • Overclocked: Yes, denoted by O (a complicated topic we'll save for another day, but basically offering extra speed at the risk of damage)
  • Ram: 11g (the dedicated onboard RAM that the card comes with)

If you play a lot of games, work with images and 3D rendering often, or even want to mine cryptocurrency, then you absolutely need a discrete graphics card. Below we’ll cover a selection of the best discrete graphics cards for these different uses.

Discrete Graphics Cards for Gaming

One of the main reasons why people buy a discrete graphics card is to improve the functionality of their computer for gaming. Without a decent graphics card, your computer processing unit (CPU) won’t be capable of rendering the gaming environment smoothly and with all the painstaking detail that the game studio has put into it. If you’re looking to improve the gaming performance of your PC, then you may want to consider buying one of the following discrete graphics cards.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is the most expensive of the graphics cards on this list but, if you want the absolute best option for gaming, then this is it. Its 11GB of GDDR6 SDRAM (Graphics Double Data Rate type six Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory), gives you 11GB of dedicated graphics processing power for your game rather than using your computer’s built-in RAM.

nvidia geforce rtx 2080 ti image

Meanwhile, its 68 RT (Ray Tracing) cores enable the card to render realistic lighting, and its 4,352 CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) cores allow your CPU to share the load of processing mathematical calculations with the graphics card, resulting in faster game performance. If you have the money to invest in this graphics card, then you’ll definitely see the benefits.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super

4K resolution is the current gold standard in screen resolution and will enable you to play games with cinema-quality graphics. While the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is powerful, it will still struggle to perform in 4K. The best discrete graphics card for this is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super.

nvidia geforce rtx 2070 super image

While less expensive than the RTX 2080 Ti, the RTX 2070 Super has the same Turing TU104 GPU and DLSS 2.0 upscaling technology, which means that you can run your game at a lower resolution setting. Your screen will automatically upscale to its native resolution.

With an RTX 2070 Super graphics card and a 4K screen, you’ll be able to play games at a high resolution without a noticeable difference in quality to the RTX 2080 Ti to justify the extra cost.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super

nvidia geforce gtx 1650 super image

If you’re on more of a budget, then the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super could be the best discrete graphics card for you. For a much lower price than the RTX 2080 Ti or the RTX 2070 Super, the GTX 1650 Super will enable you to run your games smoothly at 1080p resolution, or even 1440p. This makes it the best value graphics card out there for gaming that you’ll find for this low a price.

Discrete Graphics Cards for Design/Engineering

Another use for discrete graphics cards is for people regularly running heavy-duty graphics applications. If you’re a professional designer or engineer, then you may need to supplement your computer’s integrated GPU with a discrete graphics card to give you the processing power that you need for 3D modeling, 3D rendering, etc. The type of graphics card best for this is also known as a professional or workstation graphics card. We’ll cover some of the best options for this below.

These cards are typically much cheaper than gaming cards, you can think of them as the bare minimum cards to do the task. As long as you have the budget, I'd go for the gaming cards above instead.

Nvidia Quadro K420

nvidia quadro k420 image

The Nvidia Quadro K420 is a low-priced, entry-level workstation graphics card. With 1GB of DDR3 SDRAM (Double Data Rate type 3 Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory), it comes with enough processing power to enable you to smoothly run the 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software that you need for your work. But, if you want to work in 4K resolution, this may not be the best graphics card for you.

Nvidia Quadro K620

nvidia quadro k620 image

If you’re looking for a workstation graphics card that supports 4K displays, then the Nvidia Quadro K620 could be a good option. It comes with 384 CUDA cores in comparison to the Quadro K420’s 192, making it twice as powerful. With 2GB of DDR3 SDRAM, it also has twice the random-access memory of the Quadro K420.

Discrete Graphics Cards for Mining Cryptocurrency

For those of you choosing to invest in cryptocurrency, you’ll need a GPU that is cost-effective as you won’t be mining high yields when you first start. Find something that doesn’t cost too much or use too much power. One of the other most important factors to look at is the hash rate; the higher the hash rate, the faster you can mine. We’ve summed up a couple of the best options in terms of cost and efficiency below.

AMD Radeon VII

amd radeon vii image

At 90 megahertz per second (MH/s), the AMD Radeon VII is among the fastest discrete graphics cards out there for mining cryptocurrency. With a power draw of 300 watts (W), it does take up more power than others, but it could be worth it for the extra yield that you’ll be able to get. If you're contributing more in a pool, you'll get more.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070

nvidia geforce gtx 1070 image

For a more affordable option, you could try the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070. SInce it's the last-gen of Nvidia, you can typically find them at a cheaper price than a 2070. It has a lower hash rate at around 30 MH/s but requires just 150W of power. This could be a great discrete graphics card for you if you’re looking to start mining currency, but don’t have the funds for a large upfront investment.


Whether you’re a gamer, a designer, or a cryptocurrency miner, there’s an ideal discrete graphics card out there for you. We hope that this article has helped you find it!